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File: 1603311048330.jpg (11.82 KB, 220x147, 220:147, The_Italian_Job_-_geograph….jpg)


>be me
>load up AI dungeon
>create new character in apocalyptic world
>name him charlie crooker for the lulz
>start story
>wake up in broken down wooden shack
>try to set house on fire
>it fails
>try to exit house
>man screams from upstairs
>investigate that strange shit
>just find dead guy
>burn the corpse and exit
>find a road
>walk down the road
>find horse
>try to mount horse
>accidentally beat horse to death with large rock
>walk further down the road
>find a hot chick
>try to chat up and talk her up
>fuck her
>pass out due to no stamina
>wake up in bar
>get sentenced to an endless hell of ordering girls drinks in the bars due to your sins
That is the end of the story of Charlie Croker in AI dungeon


AI dungeon is fuckin wacky, I love it.
My first game was custom with its own little setting. I had presumed it would know that I was going for a fantasy setting, but it didn't. I ended up shooting both of my parents right away then escaping the city and finding a burned out village, where a giant spider consumed me.


charlie crooker is what I aspire to be one day, what an alpha


we all do, my the Legend of Charlie Crooker continue on as the man that broke AI Dungeon


File: 1603397024318.png (746.67 KB, 1427x598, 1427:598, eggnog filled mouth.PNG)

Nostalgia Critic stands over Corey, shooting him repeatedly in the head until he dies. Then he walks off with his eggnog filled toothless mouth.

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