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i havent lived in one place for more than 3 years my entire life. i am perpetually an outsider. i just want stability. i want to share cigarettes and fresh bread. i want to dance and laugh, i want to feel wanted by others.

it's all so depressing.


How old are you anon?


22. i know things will probably get better in the future but god does the right here, right now hurt


i'm like a month late but eh, it's something i guess?
i wish there was an easy answer to your situation anon, but to be frank there isn't. i'm not very social myself, i fill the need for socialization by sitting in about 2 niche online communities.
is it the best solution? not particularly, but it works somewhat.


things will slow down when you get a career going


>thinking he's going to have an actual career


I've been living in the same place for 10 years and still am an outsider. I found comfort in being like this, altho the loneliness does get to me, but that hurts less than how bad other people can hurt. Maybe that's just because I've gotten used to feeling loneliness, but not to being hurt, or just being around other people.
Anyway, really all you can do is just brute force it. Go to places where you suspect like minded people might be. Both online (easier, but you know the downsides) and in real life. Eventually something, somewhere, someone will stuck. That's all there is to it I think.
Good luck anon


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Same with me.
My family and I just stayed in a town for like 8 years, and then we started moving. This was 10 years ago and I haven't stayed in a town for more than 3 years.
But, I simply love it. In my country I have lived in more places than any of my friends. I have met people from very different parts and I have lived like them. This is simply priceless, man.




It's the same now as it ever has been. Go to church.


which one?


I've lived in only two places in my life, but I feel like moving as a kid screwed me up mentally. I hate the place where I've spent the majority of my life.

I'm still glad it happened because I think my life would have been worse if it hadn't.


sheeesh yea moving ca be hard as a kid
i moved so much as a kid just like op. i was taken from my ma at a really young age and lived with my grandma then eventually put in foster care. so much moving, and lack of stablity in my youth. im sure its why im so fucked up as an adult. but im trying to heal, i guess thats all we can do. its hard though, the pain doesnt go away….


That must be tough. I had a stable upbringing, but moving away from the only place I'd ever truly known just ended up making me bitter. I completely understand why my parents made the choice they did, but I still find it frustrating even though I think it turned it for the best.


Any one that is in walking distance


yeah but which religion does one pick

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