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File: 1656639551854.jpg (39.73 KB, 300x518, 150:259, RitsukoAkagi1.jpg)


If the captcha doesn't stop loading on the quick reply pane, refresh the page.

Fuck you,


the quick reply is completely broken, do you ever plan on fixing it?


Not sure what you mean, and no one else has said a word about this. Maybe you can screenshot the issue? Sounds like you might be blocking some scripts or something.

Sent from the quick reply btw.


File: 1678251765924.png (60.52 KB, 1208x485, 1208:485, 2023-03-07 21_00_58-_reap_….png)

The window is messed up and the captcha either doesn't stop loading or gives an error message.
It's been like this since I first started coming here like a month or two ago. I have just been closing the quick reply window and scrolling up to post with the top thing. I will turn off ublock and see if that fixes it.


File: 1678251973171.png (63.95 KB, 1214x559, 1214:559, 2023-03-07 21_04_58-_reap_….png)

turned off ublock, it's still broken. yes i did refresh btw.


I'm unable to replicate this despite trying 3 devices and browsers.


Do any other users have issues with this? If you do, please let me know, along with your browser and the kind of device you are on (mobile or PC)

Either way, one option is to try another theme. I doubt it's a w1cca issue since the theme is several years old and has never had such a problem reported, but even so, it's worth seeing if that changes anything.


I tested the other themes and same problem, and also adding that if I scale the comment window up, I can't scale it back down only keep making it bigger. I use several other chans and I don't have this problem, so I doubt it's something on my end.


File: 1678304262849.png (11.06 KB, 330x360, 11:12, 2023-03-08 11_28_49-_reap_….png)

This is what it looks like if I don't scale it, like there are two layers, there is the background with the name and email fields, but where it says quick reply and new reply that moves over and stays centered but there is no background so it's like transparent. I hope that makes sense I don't know about computers so I am trying to explain as best I can. Also as you should be able to see the two "layers" start off not overlapping properly. I also tried incognito mode and it didn't change anything.


this is how it looks for me as well. It doesn't affect functionality so it's been on the lower end of our bug fix checklist for quite a while now and iirc only popped up after we restored a backup a while ago (when we had a server outage).

I'll talk to illu about possibly looking into the css. I'm horrible at css and would probably absolutely butcher the appearance in exchange for no more overlap.

Thanks for bringing this to my attention. We have a lot of things we're working on behind the scenes (including server OS upgrades and a move to bazukachan) so it's kind of a mess right now, but I'll try to see about getting this fixed sooner rather than later.

Still, I'm not sure this issue is related to >>435. Nobody else has that weird scaling that I can see, and the fact it translates to other themes is…weird. Like, if I set this to futaba, the reply box is basically perfect. I find it very strange that you're having these issues here specifically since Grimchan is, in the end, a very basic implementation of tinyboard/vichan with a nice coat of paint.

Regardless, I'm going to keep looking into all this. I might try a temporary fix of copying the reply box styling from another theme with the w1cca colour palette, but that may only solve the "layering" issue, not the issue with scaling this specific user is experiencing.

Either way, I hope I was thorough enough here. I'm definitely dedicated to trying to fix this stuff, I'd like you guys to have a usable and enjoyable site. You might not hear an update from me directly about it for a while but if you're impatient, you can always ask about progress on /reap/.

Thanks for using the place and I hope I can get all this sorted quickly for you.


It's not a huge deal because at least I can still post at the top, also the scaling is annoying, but the main issue is that the captcha doesn't work so I can't even use it to post. also adding that the other themes don't seem to have the weird overlapping thing (although I didn't try all of them) but they do all only scale up and I can't scale back down. I really don't know unless maybe it has something to do with of my drivers but no other chans are affected. Anyway, like I said it's not a huge deal for now if you have more important things to worry about.


the only captcha bug i know of is that sometimes it just loads infinitely in the box for some reason and requires a refresh, but that's just tinyboard and not inherent to grimchan.

Anyway yeah, just wanted you to know I've made note of this and plan to address it. Sorry you're dealing with that.


File: 1678543423746.jpg (23.83 KB, 628x472, 157:118, blockRel.jpg)

I have had the exact same issue with captcha but for me it was related to ublock origin. It seems to disable a specific script related to it.

W1cca is also fucked for me, (no scaling issue tho)but it doesn't translate to other themes. Using librewolf 110.0.

What browser and what addons are you using?

Isn't that having the same fate as vichan? Last update was in 2022.


I've used ublock origin for years so this explains it. Thanks. Though, I also have the captcha issue on mobile sometimes.

As for bazuka, dead or not it's a hell of alt more updated than vichan. I'll take last updates in 2022 over like 2017. Plus, analytics are built in so I can avoid using things like matomo. The less services I need to use for the site, the better imo.

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