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If the captcha doesn't stop loading on the quick reply pane, refresh the page.

Fuck you,
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Eye arr cee

is your IRC still around?
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Unity, i had a dream about you last night. you came to this chat i go too and ur name lit up and you said hi and i got really excited that it was you.
and then i woke up.

That's because I entered your dreams, Anon. Muhahahahahaha.
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How much spam do we get? I figure if we already get a good amount of spam, there's not much to lose from aggressive advertisement.
At any rate, I think it wouldn't be a bad idea to find some new places to advertise. Things are much slower than they ought to be. I doubt all the regular posters returned since it was fairly difficult to find the new url, and somehow I doubt everyone is at least as dedicated as me.
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testi ng
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Questions That Don’t Deserve Their Own Thread.
I’ll start: while the rules say that all boards are NSFW, porn dumps and obscene content will be deleted.
Could you clarify what constitutes a porn dump, and clarify what obscene content is? “Obscene content” is awfully vague, and “porn dump” is somewhat vague as well. I know porn threads will get yeeted as they should, but I’m curious to know what the cutoff limit is. Like two posts in a row? A post of 5 pr0n pics?
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The Not-So-Annual Grimchan Census Is Live!

I don't know if any of you remember this, but previously, I used to post a survey for you all to fill out regarding feedback on the site.

Feel free to complete the survey at https://forms.gle/k4vC483e2gEeyybv6

If you're uncomfortable using google forms (though, note I've disabled the "collect emails" feature and you don't need a google account), feel free to record your responses in a reply to this thread.

I'll tally up all the responses and try to address them here on Friday, December 10th, 2021.

Thank you!
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>server bill coming up
>have to pay to delete spam

I'm the lowest of the low.
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I don't know what I plan to do with these, but here are a couple random grim sketches I was messing with.
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Have you tried, like, not being so broke?
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Can we get a cooking board???
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Here's a wallpaper nobody asked for. Feel free to save it.
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How do you guys feel about the idea of me merging all the /s/ threads into /b/?

It's barely used.
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Happy belated birthday!

I put a little update on the homepage.

There's a lot in there, but the TL;DR is that it's our 2nd birthday, and I have a couple (mostly minor) improvements I plan to make to the site in the coming weeks.

I'm mostly making this post in here because I know for a fact most of you just use /grim/ and don't bother with the homepage (like me).

Anyway, happy birthday, you stupid fucking shitposters. If you have any suggestions outside the ones mentioned in the news post, feel free to post them in this thread, or make your own thread on the board.
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Grimchan is three years old, not two.
I am so fucking stupid.
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I got some suggestions for this site:

-Add a list of filetypes on FAQ
-Please add textformating
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this site sucks man

ADMIN EDIT: yeah bro agreed totally sucks
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This place feels more like a discord server than a image board alternative
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Are you going to take submissions for banners here? I could try to create some for it if they ever open up.

Admin Edit: This is now the official Banner thread
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Mobile formatting

I don’t like the Format on mobile it is really Squeeze in and There’s room on the sides that remain unused
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Welcome to the official board suggestion thread! Suggest your ideas for boards here. If you see a suggestion you like, give that post a (you). If there's enough interest, we'll make a trial board.
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New Boards

Gimmie an art board, and I'll post. As long as I dont need a name and shit.
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Add sound file extensions

Kinda self explanatory but add support for .mp3, .wav, and .ogg files.
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Added local analytics

I just added some local analytics at the request of Unity. The software is Matomo, if you have JS disabled it will not track you whatsoever. Your IPs are anonymized, and we really can't see much info besides what country you're from and what page you visit. We just did this to see how the site is growing.
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grimchan stickers when
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Changelog Thread

In an effort to keep better track of changes made to the site, and things that still need to be done, this thread will be about updates and whatnot. It's more for me than anything but I am assuming others might be interested to see what's going on too.
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Welcome to /reap/

This is where all the bitching and """constructive""" criticism goes. In all seriousness, suggestions are appreciated, we want to make this place better. We encourage respectfulness, but all on-topic posts are allowed.
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Survey results!

I'm going to give a quick rundown of the survey's results and how I plan to address some of the various issues that were raised.

I'll be addressing the answers to each question in replies below.

Thank you to all who completed the survey.
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Oekaki doesn't work.
It just appears as a blank space.
Madmind pls fix
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Explanation Thread

This is where I'll give reasoning behind major moderation issues that are relevant to the community.
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Please delist the ACA

Draw your own conclusions from this.

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How about we get rid of /int/ right now before it turns into shit?
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Maybe it's just my browser, but I've noticed that (what i assume to be) the "New Reply" button is merged heavily with the "Quick reply" field itself. Would this perhaps be on my end or is this something that the site itself is experiencing?