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Draw your own conclusions from this.



I will not delist the ACA because none of that drama is at all relevant to Grimchan. We are an inclusive imageboard and are happy to work with other websites who help us out regardless of our feelings on said websites.

We'd rather not be involved in fights/drama but instead we're creating friendships with whatever imageboards/coalitions we can.


Alright, I'd like to update this a bit. I'll try to be as straightforward as humanly possible with you guys about the situation.

Grimchan generally has a policy to be friendly with everyone. We're just a comfy little corner of the internet, not meant for drama. Even after asking everyone I can and going over the linked thread I have no intention of taking sides.

Now, that means no bias to either parties. So I did remove the link and left the discord. I have no bad blood with any members of the ACA, but also don't want to delve into the dumb /cow/ crap. We are staying 100% neutral.

Anyway, I made a personal promise in response to this that Grimchan will not join any sort of formal imageboard coalitions from now on, simply out of the fact they attract drama (warranted or otherwise).

So there. Hopefully that answers everything. If not I'll happily answer whatever anyone's wondering about.


I am pleasantly surprised by your reasonable response.


He's definitely way more level-headed than SaveTheInternet was.


didn't that dude constantly troll/dox/harass people all the time

File: 1573940831759.png (700.19 KB, 1012x1088, 253:272, 1572359354855.png)


How about we get rid of /int/ right now before it turns into shit?


/int/ is supposed to be shit, and it was our most populated board before the server an hero'd. There was a /pol/ at one point if you want to talk about shit.


>int supposed to be shit



Ever /int/ I've ever visited has been a shithole haven of funposting. I like it. If it gets like, so shit that it's not fun, then I'll consider it.

File: 1573940904786.png (5.86 KB, 258x274, 129:137, Glitch (question mark)..PNG)


Maybe it's just my browser, but I've noticed that (what i assume to be) the "New Reply" button is merged heavily with the "Quick reply" field itself. Would this perhaps be on my end or is this something that the site itself is experiencing?


Not just on your end. I'm working on figuring it out right now, it's a css issue with w1cca. The button still works in the meantime, thanks for bringing this up though.


Also, using another theme (the selector is at the bottom of the page) fixes the issue for now.


File: 1573941508371.gif (53.78 KB, 200x200, 1:1, stopped working.gif)

Thank you for the help Unity, hopefully you get it figured out soon!



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