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Shitposting with flags!
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Join #Grimchan on irc.finalchan.net, you stupid fucking boomers

File: 1675735325142.jpg (531.3 KB, 2054x1482, 79:57, tiny_orange_dot.jpg)


i haet muh lif :DDDDDDDD


File: 1676057071323.png (76.9 KB, 592x554, 296:277, 1374943620459.png)

Hi Where Are The Burger :DDDDD


How's life in hell, russie?


File: 1676082107187.png (176.17 KB, 500x375, 4:3, 1349213688749.png)

I had my VPN set to Clapistan. I don't know why it's showing a Russian flag.


DNS leak, possibly.


File: 1676087262413.gif (2.88 MB, 640x360, 16:9, 1382038998527.gif)

Wouldn't my actual IP address actually have to be from Russia for that?


File: 1676852780514.jpg (115.36 KB, 1024x749, 1024:749, putin.jpg)

he did it


I hate driving. I'm a poorsausage, and one of the greatest poorsausage filters is having a reliable car that won't break down on you. I'm surprised they don't use snowmobiles in Alaska more.


I hate driving too. I always come up with alternate routes to avoid driving on main roads whenever possible. I've never even driven out of town by myself. Even going to get gas makes me a bit anxious even though I know what I'm doing.


I have no idea how people of low income are to escape the interior of the US because of that. There are so many hopelessly shitty places between the mountain ranges that are underdeveloped, poor, crime ridden, lacking opportunity, boring as hell, politically fucked, and full of disastrous weather that consistently gets worse every year…and thats not to mention the completely empty sections. What does it all have in common? You need a gas guzzler to function within any of it. Better hope you are lucky enough to have a relative who can give you a good deal on a trashy vehicle that will last a while.

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