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My fellow non Americans. What are your plans for Halloween?


Based band, absolutely loved them in high school. Keeper of the seven keys was my shit.

I'm not up to much for halloween aussiebro, probably just gonna drink and watch Ringu. Yourself?


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Dressing up as Ghostface, giving out lollies to potential trick or treaters, making a
Blair Witch totem to hang up with a jack o lantern, doing a Halloween Special for my community radio show, eating lollies & maybe fit some scary movies & work as Ghostface in


I carved a giant rat into a pumpkin and set him outside. He is rotten now.


I planned to play Ao Oni but I'm too much of a pussy and I just played half an hour


copious amounts of dxm and ignoring the doorbell


my roommate broke my shotgun so I will either need to fix it by then or we will be fighting off hell spawn with kitchen knives and frying pans


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>What are your plans for Halloween?


Shotgun fixed. Demons are fucked when they materialize.

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