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All university access on lockdown, no more restaurants open and people are going full retard in convenience stores
The corona shit has officially reached canadian levels of gayness


My uni is still open but classes are online. It's not really a problem here though, just people boycotting as an excuse to stay home, so they gave up.

My shitty roommate is leaving too!

Thanks Corona-chan.


yeah my classes are online too
but I already felt detached from my current life now it's gonna get worse


>tfw barely go to my classes already
>tfw this is basically no different


lmao yeah
I was in the middle of a downward spiral
I told myself "I'm gonna buck up and go to every class next week"
Then this happens


Fucking hell anon are you me? I had just started picking up and actually going and this happened a week after.


I am actually you
You should really take my pills anone you're starting to lose my mind again


fuck, not again

I keep having delusions I'm not a Belgian and spend my day posting to a dead peruvian violin-playing forum.


My school has moved all classes online after spring break. They said they weren't gonna close classes so I could back and at least be in a environment where I can actually motivate myself to get shit done, but then the next day they said get out and stay out if you can. >:( They're definitely not gonna refund us meal plan or housing.

Also my spring break trip to St. Martin got canceled. Shit sucks.


shit sucks hamburger man, I guess we're gonna have to make the best of it
I have my doubts if I'm gonna be able to get work done in my room 24/7 as well
already have an aunt that got coronachanned too lole

I didn't realize murrica was already going on full lockdown as well
Haven't followed the news too closely but I thought yuropoor was hit the hardest atm



walmarts and all supermarkets have put a limit to 2 max on TP/paper towels/hand sanitizer. people be lining up at the door kek. unis are closing too and going all online here too as >>152 said. Our govt is saying we have free and open testing for everyone but they're barely sending out enough tests so nobody can get tested besides high risk/severe cases. We prolly have all fucking had it already here in the US and don't know it.

Apparently before the first confirmed case in Seattle there was a substantial increase in incoming patients with flu-like symptoms but not everyone was testing for influenza, so what else could it have been? Not that it's really a conspiracy, just that it's most likely been here in US for a few weeks before the first confirmed case.

all in all tho i aint worried i'll contract corona and give it to all the boomers in the community to thin the herd kek


people keep going on about toilet paper but I'm having no issues. Dumbasses keep going to big places, meanwhile I've been able to get it no problem from the little indian grocery beside my flat


File: 1584390579355.png (19.45 KB, 885x538, 885:538, 1527086967188.png)

My classes have all gone online as well and semi trucks are dropping by the stores every single night and restocking what they can. Having to ration my food like it's war time is actually fucking ridiculous, and I'm lucky I don't eat a whole lot.
im also extremely thankful i dont have to do any more chem labs because those were fucking me up hard, especially since the professor absolutely failed to detail her expectations in the lab reports and most of the class would get D's on the reports.


People were calling me a baby for getting a meal plan after first year

but now I'm the only one not starving


File: 1584391163968.png (36.71 KB, 1096x814, 548:407, 1527099455991.png)

>People were calling me a baby for getting a meal plan after first year
Why's that? I see nothing wrong with having a meal plan, personally.
>now I'm the only one not starving
very good to hear anon, nothin' quite like accidentally preparing eh?

Personally, I just hope my work shuts down soon enough, too. My state just closed down all dine-in restaurants and we're now limited to grocery stores and drive thru. More will probably follow suit, since Illinois is one of the few states to actually be on the ball here.


lul, aside from TP for some reason people here have also started mass-buying apples and chicken
I don't even understand why because these aren't exactly things that store very well in the long term
it's kinda weird seeing all these people frenzy buying and just sort of wandering in between them and doing your regular groceries as usual


File: 1584392975748.jpg (81.35 KB, 500x950, 10:19, long.jpg)

Yeah its the same here, I was absolutely baffled when I saw that there was little to no chicken left in the store. Just why? That's so dumb, I dislike this whole mass hysteria.
>it's kinda weird seeing all these people frenzy buying and just sort of wandering in between them and doing your regular groceries as usual
Yeah people here are speedwalking and glancing around like there's gonna be a drive-by corona attack. It makes me chuckle, but it's also rather insane to see. Thanks for starting in China, mister disease man.


we've had 8 cases here and people are freaking out. 6 of those 8 were from travelling and immediately isolated, the other two were the spouses of the other people

it's dumb shit and I'm not particularly worried about it.


I dislike the mass hysteria as well, but I do enjoy the general atmosphere
As a basket case in remission it's really pleasant strolling around a much quieter city like this
Yeah my aunt and her kids (16-18) have it but they're gonna be ok
I wouldn't like it if one of my surviving grandparents had it but otherwise it's nbd
I expected a bit more composure from my fellow waffles but meh it is what it is


File: 1584393997342.png (237.24 KB, 1600x1600, 1:1, bantdito pillow.png)

dubs checked
>As a basket case in remission it's really pleasant strolling around a much quieter city like this
Yeah, as much as I enjoy going out & about I dont like the hustle and bustle of daily life. It's nice to see things a bit more calm, but then you get to the centers of activity and it's absolutely insane.
Herd mentality really is retarded, but I guess it is just basic human nature. Personally, I'm just glad to see it's not my own country! That's one less thing you eurofags get to make fun of America for >:(


File: 1584396434394.gif (376.11 KB, 342x342, 1:1, 1493926961000.gif)

fatty bulletsponge man :DDDDD


My mother is diabetic so it'd be problematic if she got it, though it doesn't seem to be in my hometown luckily

but I have a girlfriend here so I plan to stay the last month we're here.


ha, so they didn't even email us about this or anything, but on the school site it just popped up they're kicking us out. There's a fucking news crew outside about it.


what do you mean kick you out


they just randomly said we have to leave by friday, no explanation


File: 1584413429548.jpg (101.44 KB, 480x360, 4:3, 1496774296436.jpg)

oh dear im sorry to hear that man, my own mother has crohn's and is immunocompromised so we have to be careful as well


Good luck to your mom amerishart


and good luck to yours leaf! stay safe bud


File: 1584455326269.jpg (76.68 KB, 680x678, 340:339, 7FdcNv4.jpg)

Do you think I'd be able to convince my prime minister if I sent her an e-mail to tell her only gay homos do curfews and lockdowns


bribe her with waffles


File: 1584459777933.webm (1.94 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Waffle 3.webm)

The belgian deep state likely has a secret stockpile of military grade waffles already


You might have to try chocolate, then


File: 1584744161252.jpg (8.87 KB, 261x195, 87:65, 8fd.jpg)

no physical uni classes for the rest of the semester


same, I hate it.

I still can't believe they made us leave our dorms. Some people can't actually get home ffs.


I love it because I have horrible insomnia and in a bad month I keep missing classes, but I can understand it's pretty fucked for most other people. I didn't have to leave my dorm because legally speaking I'm independent from my parents and the dorm is technically considered my home


my friend has someone crashing who's now homeless over it. It's ridiculous they force people to leave. Whether you stay in your room in one place or the other makes 0 difference.


Goddamn that is atrocious. Is there no way to argue it's the only place he can go?
That's pretty much how it is here


If you're not from out of country they force you to leave. I am waiting until someone says they got sick having to take the bus back or something, then the university will be liable.


File: 1585003910015.png (137.39 KB, 361x341, 361:341, 1509454623329.png)

I think I may have the plague I've had the dry cough for three days now


don't die anon




okay when I see satan I'll tell him to fuck off and come back in a few years


aw anon, you won't see satan, you are too pure


File: 1585161556827.png (1.16 MB, 711x711, 1:1, 1536647842461.png)

pure garbage yeh



no me


File: 1585351916861.gif (822.37 KB, 600x366, 100:61, 1488967382838.gif)

Even though the statistics are in my favor every time I hear a teenager dying from the corohaha I cringe a little. I… I'm gonna be ok rite lads
There's no reason drinking every night for the last 6 years and doing drugs on the regular would put me in some sort of high risk class hahaha no ofcourse not right


most of them die because they had some autoimmune issue they didn't know about


>doing drugs on the regular
perfect, you'll be fine. your body builds up immunity to the drugs over time, thus giving your immune system less to worry about and allowing it to focus all of its efforts on the coronavirus invading your body so long as you're slammed on drugs


File: 1585669253681.jpg (77.01 KB, 900x900, 1:1, 1507060839261.jpg)




Wew lad




File: 1585693257850.jpg (25.76 KB, 360x360, 1:1, hqdefault.jpg)

small world huh


actually funny story everytime I started feeling really bad I did a minor hit of lsd and I magically started feeling better for like 2-3 days
I was close to calling the hospital a week ago but right now I'm almost completely out of the woods
I think I actually found the cure for corona, acid for everyone


File: 1585693981690.png (740.63 KB, 900x1376, 225:344, The heirophant (Compressed….png)

oh shit i know a guy that sells acid. i'm gonna go stockpile it right now since the stores are still miraculously out of toilet paper


File: 1585694003972.jpg (109.35 KB, 720x960, 3:4, 1572697406669.jpg)

bro i missed you! how you been all this time?


I have a friend who's buddy who did the exact same thing except one time it went terribly wrong and they ended up in a mental hospital

so yeah, don't recommend


protip don't substitute the acid for toilet paper, shit might get weird
lul still steadily heading into the downward spiral of life, how about you


how long until grimchan has every country bros

new united nations when


Yeh lul it's not to be messed with, ofcourse I wouldn't seriously recommend it to anyone
First time around I was actually scared, I already had coronafever and acid also actually gives you mild fever
This isn't the first time I thought my horrible judgement would kill me but still
I had immediate regrets but it all kinda worked out


bro i feel you, anything particularly bad happened recently? i've been feeling better lately, i am kinda fed up with my lifestyle but this coronavirus almsot putting me back to square 1. oh and are you still hi iq at math?


File: 1585694546235.jpg (50.46 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 1569778931332.jpg)

>don't substitute the acid for toilet paper
>shit might get weird
obligatory yonkers post. how else do you think acid should be done in these trying times? do you think you just… take it normally? nah nah, that ain't how we do it in my part of the woods kiddo.


yeah acid and mushroom are drugs you wanna take with someone sober nearby to help keep you stabilized. i had a coworker who did shrooms a lot and acid on occasion, and he said that it's all dependent on your mood. it definitely is not a drug you take when you're feeling down because bad shit will happen.


lmoa I'm obviously dealing with an expert here
I'm sorry to have offended you sensei

dunno aside from coronachan nothing bad really happened, I'm still just sort of generic big sad and my life is getting in weird places
yes I'm still at math but not hi iq, almost done with it (1-2 more years) but definitely not getting the results I was hoping

last time I heard you I remember you saying you were getting yourself treated for mentally lel problems
did that not work out? what are you even up to with your life nowadays


where i come from, we have an ancient thaiwanese proverb: "He who shit in the woods, knows only the leaves to wipe." see what i mean? you gotta make do with what ya got and make the most of what you use, or else you might find yaself wanting some kind of… vile, civilized substitute like toilet paper. eughgh.


Eh. That's generally good advice especially for noobs but if you're not afraid of overthinking things it can still help you out even when you're big sad.
Acid doesn't change your mood it just sort of enhances the mood you already have and overstimulates your brain at the same time
If you realize that being sad is not necessarily a bad thing it can still help you be sad in a productive way


File: 1585695531275.jpg (13.99 KB, 350x371, 50:53, ac3.jpg)


ah alright, that makes sense yeah. i don't do very many drugs outside of nicotine and the occasional blunt. lost one of my friends to heroin a long time ago so i tend to stay away from anything that isn't mild.
now you understand the history of my people a little better, captain. perhaps now we can see each other as equals?


I'm really sorry to hear that man. I definitely know how that feels, it's a bit unreal to go through
And yeah generally speaking I advise everyone to stay away from this kind of shit whenever possible
It's not exactly a sustainable lifestyle but we all gotta do what we gotta do to keep going


uh i haven't gone to a therapist still,, i am not doing anything lately because of the corona, but my mood been getting better on average, are you doing anything to combat the big sad?


I haven't been outside beyond my porch in three weeks, I'm going insane guys fuck


Not really. I made a bit of a conscious choice not to fix it, it's a long story. I'm glad to hear you're doing better fren. Tea rapists may help but ofcourse they'll only help if you want them to help otherwise it's just a waste of money. How bad is the corona lockdown over there? Here everything still looks almost normal except slightly less people on the streets and many shops closed
Welcome to the internet where your friends are for free and here forever
Why don't you just go for a walk at least? If you're young and healthy the lockdown is not to keep you safe it's to keep others safe from you


Because I live with someone who's immunocompromised. So I have to be just as worried about getting sick.


Oh yeah. Damn that sucks man but you're doing the right thing.
Don't you need groceries at some point though? You gotta go out for *something* eventually, I think the lockdown is gonna last quite a while


getting them delivered.


it happened many years ago so im over it now, no need to be sympathetic my friend. it's just nice to have a good conversation with you instead of occasionally getting a reply on r/banter.
>generally speaking I advice everyone to stay away from this kind of shit whenever possible
yeah, but in moderation they can be fine. it's when you're doing them all the time that there's an issue, you know?


there is acceptance and there is giving up, i really hope you went with the former. it's gonna be a long time before i go to a therapist, tryna do what i can on my own for now. corona shit got us on a lockdown from 6pm to 6 am and all shops closed besides food markets and health centers >.>


lol it's neither acceptance nor giving up, it's more of a going down fighting kind of thing
I figured out a while ago what will make me happy and I also understood that I'll never be able to reach it
so I'm just gonna spend my remaining years in a slow suicide trying to reach it anyways
excuse me for my zoomer speak but unironically yolo


But can you see a life where you don't put all your happiness on that thing? you tried to even just think about that possibility? it hurts me to see you in a state like that


Oh yeah lol I've been trying in fact I'm even still on a path where I could drop everything right now and just choose to do the whole normal family thing
The problem is as hard as I try to like that lifestyle it just brings me absolutely no enjoyment
I really really like other people in general but I tend to get frustrated and annoying to live with if I'm around the same people for a long period of time


Fuck I know that feel. I'm dreading when my gf and I move in together, I worry I'll be the same.


Hahahah. Quite an insane feeling isn't it. I managed to score a girl a short while ago that literally wants to spend her life with me
And all I can think of is goddamnit I wish I was happy with you because you're the best I could ever hope for


I absolutely adore my girlfriend, I just worry so much of fucking up. I genuinely love her so much, it's the first time I've been in a relationship with someone I'd actually consider my best friend. I'm just afraid of failure sometimes.


Assuming you've been together a while, if you consider yourself so much of a fuckup wouldn't she know this by now
So either she knows and doesn't care or she doesn't know because it's not really true
Or third option you're very good at hiding how much of a fuckup you are which is kind of a contradiction in and of itself


You've made me feel a lot better about myself, thank you. That calmed me down.


File: 1585914190066.jpg (48.03 KB, 720x741, 240:247, DkOlq9zVsAEtE5Q.jpg)

wait really? lol cheers lade
I don't think it's possible to ever stop being anxious about the future but it's probably a good idea to never let it dictate your choices


File: 1585924576129.jpg (7.12 KB, 250x246, 125:123, 1523004705260.jpg)

lol I'm doing a presentation through skype rn and I'm nekked
this is the way life is meant to be lived


I had a presentation, and my sperg as just couldn't do it (I have a strong fear of cameras for some reason) and so I just made a slideshow and recorded my voice over it

got an A so I guess it worked


lol I just pulled up my text on my second screen and pretty much read it out loud


My prof is such a fucking idiot. She first wanted us to make "5 minutes worth of slides" which is totally subjective to how you read them + whether you're straight up reading off them.

Then she revises it to be a 5 minute long video presentation, and if we were to use slides we "cannot read anything off the slides, there must be a totally separate script"

In other words she just wanted to make this slightly harder because bird course. But yeah I did it the night of in an hour and ended up doing well so I don't care really kek


lmao good for you
I will always fucking hate doing presentations especially if it's just for the sake of doing presentations
I get that it's all about the modern social skills scientist nowadays but god damn I couldn't care less personally it's not what I signed up for


presentations and groupwork are the two things I absolutely despise in my classes

I'm in arts though, so it's to be expected


lol same
what kinda studies do you do then
does it have theoretical things where you learn about history and stuff
do you focus on a specific branch like music or sculpting or is it just a little bit of everything


My major is in political science. I actually have a job out of school with my old candidate, but he can't hire me without a degree


wtf I don't understand so is it a major in polsci and a minor in arts? and that's allowed?
the major/minor system hasn't completely been implemented over here the same way it is with you guys so I'm a bit hazy on the details
and on top of all that you work as well lmao madlad



Polisci is part of the arts faculty


Ah I see. That sounds… weird but there's probably a good reasoning behind it


Legal studies, psychology, sociology, anthropology, visual arts/film, political science, etc

anything that isn't science or math or engineering basically gets thrown into the arts faculty


lol I just checked our uni just puts it in the faculty social sciences
altho looking at all our faculties maybe we have a few subcategories too many


Oh, strange. Maybe Canada is just weird.

But yeah I was originally in law. It was absolute HELL. I'm good at it, but it takes so much effort.


and polsci doesn't?


Almost none, no


much to my surprise
but then again my brain isn't exactly built to be able to learn anything with real world applications


polisci is about regurgitating liberal/left wing opinions and pretending you believe it, it's not that difficult or rooted in the real world tbh

at least, in Canada that's what it is


lolwut okay
that doesn't exactly sound educational
I'd find it hard to believe if I heard it anywhere aside from firsthand


professor during web lecture very casually mentions 1/2 = 6 in the current mathematical framework we're working in
I feel like I may have missed something a while back


wew lad yeah I loved when mine randomly mentioned the exam without giving us a date, I dug through old lectures and found him halfassedly mention it partway through that it's today


wtf even


Wew lad, uni students are getting $1000 a month tax free. I might not die.


gg mate
how do you normally pay for uni do you have a job on the side or smth


usually I work for the summer, from home, and spend virtually none of the money I make until the summer's over. So during the summer itself I basically live poor and never buy shit.

Also >tfw this is tax free because even with free money I still won't have a high enough income to be taxed




>university is doing small classes in person
>all my classes are small
>dorms are open, and we're getting upgraded to single rooms for the price of a double

fuck, things are finally looking up


File: 1590443959368.jpg (13.4 KB, 268x237, 268:237, 1508314705020.jpg)

plus free leafbux, right



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