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Why is ameriga thread #10000000000

i haet muh lif :DDDDDDDD
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>Canada stands out as the only non-European country to make the list of the world's top ten coffee consumers.
>9th: Luxembourg14.33 Lbs/Year of beans
>10th: Canada14.33 Lbs/Year of beans

get guzzling 'nucks we're almost beating them Cuxemburgers, send them to 10th where they belong like the virginbourgs they are
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Dieser Kommentarbereich ist nun Eigentum der Bundesrepublik Deutschland

Sind hier irgendwelche Kartoffelottos unterwegs?
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>be me
>be filipino
god i fucking hate it here
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>be me
>be american
god i fucking hate it here.
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is 2hu international?
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My fellow non Americans. What are your plans for Halloween?
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Top 10 countries who do most sex

1. Greece
2. Brazil
3. Russia
4. China
5. Italy
6. Poland
7. Malaysia
8. Switzerland
9. Spain
10. Mexico
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Canada comes and goes without a peep.
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i am, an international
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do people in your country care whether they're making sense while swearing?
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European Diversity

Europe already has all the diversity we need.
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are hamburgers international?
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the canada girl

the canada girl
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a question for canadians

if someone from the uk moved to canada i'm sure that canadians would notice straight away, since the accent is a dead give away. and a native french person would be noticed right away by québécois. but what if someone from the usa went to canada and they spoke without any heavy regional accent, would canadians pick up on this right away? are there dead give aways where canadians can pick up on and tell if someone is from the united states? asking for a friend…
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Is this true?
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>were are you from
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>be me
>goes outside
>gets stabbed
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Stinky fat cocks………..hot sticky cum…………..
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Misuse of Israeli Surveillance Tech for Massive Violation of Human Rights

There is a criminal organization in Brazil using NSO Group's Pegasus to infect devices for hack for hire, to incite terrorism, blackmail people, produce illegal pornography and assist in assassinations. They also have other advanced malware, like UEFI implants and even persistent implants for Kindle and Raspberry Pi. Plus face/voice recognition on every camera and microphone they can get into, in public or private places.

Brazil won't do anything to stop them. Only the FBI, CIA and NSA can stop them.

There is also the possibility that they were engaged on the hack of Bezos' smartphone.

If you know of any security researcher who wants to reverse engineer the exploits they are using, I am more than willing to help them.

If you want a story about how they operate, I am willing to work with you to expose them.
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As a Canadian citizen I hereby declare that we - all Canadians - suck at least 3 hard juicy uncut cocks on a daily basis and keep this fact a national secret
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i like poland
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wow the guys livestreaming the trump public corona address keep muting me so rude
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I feel like shit because this rona panic situation is the first time in a million years that I've actually felt comfortable living my life
Everyone else is losing their mind waiting for it to be over yet I'm just sitting here in the knowledge that this is my favorite way to live my life and it's all gonna go away in a few months and I'll go back to being in mental anguish every other day
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rate my OC guys
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why does canada have the best shitposters

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>that violates local, United States or Canadian law.
so this is technically a canadian imageboard?
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breaking the anglosphere supremacy in this board
since there are a lot of fats and leafs, from what state/province do you come from? what are some interesting things you can tell exclusive to your state/province?
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All university access on lockdown, no more restaurants open and people are going full retard in convenience stores
The corona shit has officially reached canadian levels of gayness
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tfw no leaf gf
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How do we stop the Eternal Leaf? how do we stop the Eternal Australian? They seem unstoppable, but they must have weaknesses.
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is karen international?
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Welcome to /int/

Pretty standard international board. Shitposting is not only allowed but encouraged, but please keep it international related. You can also talk politics here if you so please.
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what's the best beer in your cunt? im a big fan of Sam Adam's, but Sierra Nevada is pretty good too
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teges szmeges fą fą fą
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today i will dump my (non-lewd) countrygirls
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>thank god the americans are asleep
*bottle opens*
*gulping of pills heard*
>N-no…its not time for the americans to wake up yet! we have to make more gayposts!
*Assblowers starts reving up*