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File: 1574902806802.png (1.84 MB, 1000x1399, 1000:1399, d27a12eeaad311ba74a84704b9….png)


are hamburgers international?
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Here we eat shit of burras.


salisbury steaks btfo


why do you eat shit?




burgers all over

File: 1612570881212.png (196.22 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, I tip my campaign hat from….png)


the canada girl
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File: 1617278247263.jpg (722.17 KB, 2048x2048, 1:1, Deported.jpg)

Replying to my own post because I felt like sharing a quality leaf girl image, presumably drawn today.


he was killed and eaten btw


how else do you think we make gravy for poutine?


are canada girls youkai?


nice jawline and sloped forehead bby

File: 1617423929460.png (1.58 MB, 1052x804, 263:201, 120364825674221.png)


if someone from the uk moved to canada i'm sure that canadians would notice straight away, since the accent is a dead give away. and a native french person would be noticed right away by québécois. but what if someone from the usa went to canada and they spoke without any heavy regional accent, would canadians pick up on this right away? are there dead give aways where canadians can pick up on and tell if someone is from the united states? asking for a friend…


as a Canadian, yes we can tell if you're American. there's just a way about them, and all they talk about is US politics.

File: 1616430005293.jpg (1.93 MB, 2815x2903, 2815:2903, 20210322_171850.jpg)


Is this true?


our PM literally said we have "no culture"



>“Multiculturalism is one of Canada’s greatest strengths and a vital component of our national fabric. All Canadians – regardless of ethnicity, religion, culture, or language – have the right to be true to who they are, and to live peacefully as friends, neighbours, and colleagues."

It looks like it is a country for me, because I dont like patriotism. I like diversity and cultural exchange.


File: 1616527899678.png (4.63 KB, 500x250, 2:1, Oekaki.png)

>macron posts to grimchan


File: 1616541671173.png (378.12 KB, 655x534, 655:534, 1062348596713428.png)


Whats so special about it?

File: 1589923157664.png (3.08 MB, 8702x5016, 229:132, polandball map 1939.png)


>were are you from
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File: 1616124394683.jpg (20.28 KB, 304x211, 304:211, EuMepDWWYAIr-UP.jpg)


Spain is shit.

I hate the Spanish with a burning passion.


Why do you hate urself?


File: 1616522105127.png (127.92 KB, 574x462, 41:33, new and int.png)

What's wrong with spain, my good sir?


>be me
>goes outside
>gets stabbed




Were you stabbed in the UK?

File: 1612366113849.png (1.56 MB, 1600x1200, 4:3, 1.png)



this is unironically pretty good even though I have no idea what anyone is saying


Yeah I like it. Sounds great.

File: 1583516375501.jpg (141.26 KB, 436x482, 218:241, 1556704200862.jpg)


Stinky fat cocks………..hot sticky cum…………..
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File: 1584390458412.png (34.83 KB, 984x866, 492:433, 1526812170005.png)

there are like 2 rules here dude calm ur tits




File: 1615452906645.png (896.65 KB, 679x955, 679:955, ClipboardImage.png)

Just buy yourself pic related

t. Necrobumper


File: 1615454146707.png (379.85 KB, 546x589, 546:589, 1591098092718.png)

Every bump on grimchan is a necrobump!


File: 1613718498146.jpg (17.2 KB, 640x427, 640:427, jefferson-santos-9SoCnyQmk….jpg)


There is a criminal organization in Brazil using NSO Group's Pegasus to infect devices for hack for hire, to incite terrorism, blackmail people, produce illegal pornography and assist in assassinations. They also have other advanced malware, like UEFI implants and even persistent implants for Kindle and Raspberry Pi. Plus face/voice recognition on every camera and microphone they can get into, in public or private places.

Brazil won't do anything to stop them. Only the FBI, CIA and NSA can stop them.

There is also the possibility that they were engaged on the hack of Bezos' smartphone.

If you know of any security researcher who wants to reverse engineer the exploits they are using, I am more than willing to help them.

If you want a story about how they operate, I am willing to work with you to expose them.


take your meds


that's where I stopped reading, silly sausage go take your meds schizo

File: 1588017072813.png (63.94 KB, 466x466, 1:1, 1514055963879.png)


As a Canadian citizen I hereby declare that we - all Canadians - suck at least 3 hard juicy uncut cocks on a daily basis and keep this fact a national secret
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fuck mate, that's genius. Maybe you stralians aren't as crazy as I thought


Don't confuse the accomplishments of the kangaroos with that of the aussie people


When will Australia apologize for the subjugation of the proud Kangaroo race.


File: 1602873257879.png (127.18 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 1498277803950.png)

They better not, cause subjugating others and building a better land is a sign of a badass nation.


>building a better land
Aussies can stop apologizing when they do this.

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