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Pretty standard international board. Shitposting is not only allowed but encouraged, but please keep it international related. You can also talk politics here if you so please.

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This image confuses and enrages the European.
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Fast food doesn't quite hit the spot for me the way it used to. It just seems like it doesn't taste as good anymore.


For gaza burns, and i still work at saturday, and situps on sunday, cant do translucency, no 6 digit.

Clearly, your "pain" lives forever, even in death.

I guess we just have to find you hobbies… which i dont think you have either, giving that much in a week.

Afterall, you love nothing else, but, in songs. And everything else


So be it. Mr.5. Maybe just example, for asians.


Some time ago many food places switched away from lard to various kinds of vegetable oils (read: seed oils).
It is much worse for you, and tastes worse to boot. Buy some lard or ghee, chop up a potato, deep fry it, and you'll find the magic is back again. Assuming, of course, you remembered to salt them.



look at mr. moneybags over here.

shit is delicious though.

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Huff Puff

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The fate of all W*stoids

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I'll sign his petition!

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