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grim - Newly Bumped Threads

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d8f98 No.3929[Reply]

long live the squared circle
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d8f98 No.3943

File: 1674692920969.jpg (251.98 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, FnU03siakAE5Is_.jpg)

Jay Briscoe tribute tonight RIP

1cc93 No.3978

File: 1675088110574.jpg (260.92 KB, 965x1199, 965:1199, FnuHFAYWYAEo2Tw.jpg)

Taylor Wilde uses a lot spooky occult imagery; petition to make her the official wrassler of Grimchan

173ca No.3979

File: 1675089463770.jpeg (70.94 KB, 736x895, 736:895, roastmary.jpeg)

a challenger appears

d8f98 No.3984

File: 1675295233933.jpg (224.31 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, Fn24HZAWYAEUgb2.jpg)


Time to settle it in the squared circle!

a8bdc No.3986

File: 1675362240159.jpg (640.44 KB, 1067x1600, 1067:1600, media_Fn3S_NpWAAISXbN.jpg)

Book the date. Meet me in Florida.


File: 1675354820084.png (216.63 KB, 492x360, 41:30, tRUEsTORY.png)

5f0b7 No.3985[Reply]


File: 1675213410580.jpg (3.51 MB, 4000x3000, 4:3, IMG_20230131_170050803.jpg)

dde45 No.3980[Reply]

im going mental hospital ttyl grimchan <3 love u

18802 No.3981

your socks are on upside down by the way, what are you mental? just a joke, have a good time champ.

8607e No.3982

do you get to choose the color of your socks? i've only ever gotten/seen the blue grippy socks, never yellow

7fb26 No.3983

see you soon fren <3


File: 1629350917812.jpg (137.05 KB, 842x595, 842:595, 24853957298374928374.jpg)


i havent lived in one place for more than 3 years my entire life. i am perpetually an outsider. i just want stability. i want to share cigarettes and fresh bread. i want to dance and laugh, i want to feel wanted by others.

it's all so depressing.
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sheeesh yea moving ca be hard as a kid
i moved so much as a kid just like op. i was taken from my ma at a really young age and lived with my grandma then eventually put in foster care. so much moving, and lack of stablity in my youth. im sure its why im so fucked up as an adult. but im trying to heal, i guess thats all we can do. its hard though, the pain doesnt go away….


That must be tough. I had a stable upbringing, but moving away from the only place I'd ever truly known just ended up making me bitter. I completely understand why my parents made the choice they did, but I still find it frustrating even though I think it turned it for the best.


Any one that is in walking distance


yeah but which religion does one pick


File: 1675256296124.png (1.31 MB, 681x1049, 681:1049, キノの旅_kornod.PNG)

Wow someone I can relate to, have you met your mother since?
My childhood has been similar, I moved four times during elementary school when my mother also was taken from me, every time we moved I had to get to know new kids my age and some nasty adults, I believe among other things moving around this much is something that hindered my development the most.



Sind hier irgendwelche Kartoffelottos unterwegs?


in deinem aber holr


Kartoffelschuchtel aus der Reichshauptstadt reportiert ein.


>No flag

How is living in space


File: 1631978744239.jpeg (155.23 KB, 700x964, 175:241, 85ded24fad14fa73794d5c1bf….jpeg)


>Canada stands out as the only non-European country to make the list of the world's top ten coffee consumers.
>9th: Luxembourg14.33 Lbs/Year of beans
>10th: Canada14.33 Lbs/Year of beans

get guzzling 'nucks we're almost beating them Cuxemburgers, send them to 10th where they belong like the virginbourgs they are
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mmmmmm i wanna make coffee even tho its late coffee is good.


if the roaches are a "natural pest of the coffee plant" then why would whole beans be less susceptible? sounds more like an issue with the companies selling pre-ground, because they know their customers can't taste anything anyway.

free protein is great either way.


mmmmmm bug coffee


I can't imagine it's that big a deal. Dirt and decayed bugs is present in basically every fruit and vegetable we buy after all. Ever pulled apart a leek? It's terrifying. Wash your leeks, anon.




File: 1674898601207.jpg (106.55 KB, 800x534, 400:267, d5q4hbz-5b803f71-04b3-47a3….jpg)

312be No.3955[Reply]

Found out about this place in a thread discussing the future of /late/ and only read through the landing page's updates and rules so far.

You, as a frequenter of this board, describe to me what grimchan is about (generally or for you personally) in words that will take me less than 30 seconds to read. Think of it as a sales pitch or something.
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312be No.3958

File: 1674900163631.png (332.02 KB, 911x878, 911:878, d75gq5f-39119343-5fbc-4ff2….png)

So far, I am intrigued and would certainly count me in on the lost part of potential frequenters. So than you for your synopsis.
Also, I'd like to think if someone can't give me a good reason to draw further attention to anything within less than 30 seconds, he is either a shitty advertiser or the product is not worth taking a look at.

88433 No.3959

u must miss out on alot of neat stuff

312be No.3974

I am ;_;

d4790 No.3975


88433 No.3977

its ok, i forgive u, but u have to change.


File: 1674957232275.jpg (7.32 KB, 207x243, 23:27, pictureforgrimchanpost.jpg)

ef326 No.3960[Reply]

Hi GrimChan! How is everyone tonight? or maybe your reading this in the day. Either way I hope u r doing good. What are some stuff you like to do? im curious what you guys interests are.
mew mew

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ef326 No.3970

urban exploring isnt just abandos and stuff theres tons of little alleys and cuts to explore sometimes it fun just to skate around and lurk. sometimes i like to check the doors of the big commercial buildings and offices even if theres people there and just see how far i can get.

3e7f5 No.3971

File: 1674968834543.jpg (92.96 KB, 661x1019, 661:1019, f6e9417379b73debaa1fa5e852….jpg)

cool blog.
>The person that visits me in the astral realm sits meditating thousands of years in the future.
this part reminds me of a book i was listening to on youtube called The Night Land by William Hope Hodgson. it was very uplifting to me during a time when i was feeling bad. here is a link for anyone interested. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i4eNRcXbYpk

ef326 No.3972

ill check it out :)

e7f9f No.3973

Poor kitty, what happened to him…

I'm reading this 16 hours later because I usually check this place twice a day. I like building models, that's kind of my main hobby. I haven't gotten any recently because I bought a very expensive one for myself for my graduation, but it turned out really cool so I don't mind one bit.

ef326 No.3976

cool what kind of models? like trains?


File: 1602439995612.png (36.05 KB, 249x221, 249:221, 1601311076493.png)


What do you turn to when you want to be scared? Movies? Books? Video Games? Image boards?
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>What do you turn to when you want to be scared?
Self induced sleep paralysis.


It's hard for fictional media to really freak me out nowadays. Certain philosophical can genuinely unsettle me more than anything like that, but it's not the fun kind of being scared. I've gone through terrible periods of existential dread obsessing over the idea of solipsism and wouldn't wish it on anyone. Now that I think about it, there are few Twilight Zone episodes I've seen that freaked me out. It was similar in that it was in an anxiety-inducing way and not the kind I enjoy.

I can still enjoy vintage horror movies and certain artists or authors, especially when they're focused more on atmosphere or eeriness than cliches or cheap scares. Think along the lines of H.P. Lovecraft, German Expressionism, or Junji Itp.


>obsessing over the idea of solipsism
I had these what if questions for a long time myself, but to me it was always weird how others find it scary, unsettling or similar.
For me the conclusion was that whether it is true or false does not matter, since the results are the exact same thing. If it's false, then everything is business as usual, but if it's true, then still, nothing changes anyway.
The past is still exactly as it had been. The present is still just what it is.
The realization meant nothing.


That's the rational way of looking at it, but my mind doesn't work that way. I don't know why that is, but I seem predisposed to getting anxious over things like that.

I actually do think there's some truth to solipsism, but it's in the sense of a kind of monism where every being in existence is just the Absolute experiencing itself in countless forms. But because that idea doesn't entail everyone other than myself lacking subjective experience, it doesn't terrify me.


>every being in existence is just the Absolute experiencing itself
Isn't that true to you as well though?


File: 1674445063734.jpg (3.31 MB, 4000x3000, 4:3, IMG_20230122_193422088.jpg)

b4ca1 No.3932[Reply]

Hey Anons! Pick a number between 1 and 20, then ill roll and tell u if u got the number! :)
cmon itll be fun!
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b4ca1 No.3949

File: 1674843839467.jpg (1.34 MB, 4000x3000, 4:3, IMG_20230127_102027729.jpg)

you have rolled 14

b4ca1 No.3950

File: 1674843941229.jpg (1.14 MB, 4000x3000, 4:3, IMG_20230127_102103652.jpg)

Congragulations anon. You rolled 5 you have won. luck and abundace will follow you everywhere you go.

2ebf3 No.3951

File: 1674847883643.gif (1.69 MB, 245x275, 49:55, 1625265535010-fourchan-gif….gif)

Roll me a one rng anon.

b4ca1 No.3954

File: 1674863778312.jpg (1.02 MB, 4000x3000, 4:3, IMG_20230127_155542274.jpg)


2ebf3 No.3957

Guess I'll live for a bit longer…


File: 1674026662645.jpg (1.66 MB, 3088x3088, 1:1, 20230115_134233.jpg)

0b403 No.3903[Reply]

Me irl
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30be7 No.3926

my old house. i dont live there anymore

942ac No.3927

dude are you genuinely schizo? i am not asking this to be funny

30be7 No.3928

i mean…. probably….but i dont think so i think i have powers.

66e2b No.3952

What powers do you have?

30be7 No.3953

i can see into other dimentions and possible timelines, sometimes i can see around walls and far away, and communicate w spirits and people from other planets.



Unity, i had a dream about you last night. you came to this chat i go too and ur name lit up and you said hi and i got really excited that it was you.
and then i woke up.

That's because I entered your dreams, Anon. Muhahahahahaha.




File: 1673549362447.gif (787.48 KB, 300x491, 300:491, JoyousSoulfulAsianelephant….gif)

26809 No.3892[Reply]

This place has really picked up a lot.

Fuck it, I'm paying the bill another year. Have fun shitposting, and remember to post suggestions/complaints on /reap/ so I can make improvements.
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47cef No.3937

Jesus Chris take it easy.


File: 1673944786658.jpg (5.68 KB, 202x250, 101:125, kitty.jpg)

ecc6f No.3896[Reply]

Hi, I just found this place and it seems comfy and nice, so ima stay. Im really glad it didn't get shut down.
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2d2a8 No.3915

They can change both color and texture. Like those 8 armed under water chameleons.

f3fa1 No.3917

I like it when they are crispy. Those feathered chameleons taste great like that.
Where does it's optical illusion powers end though…?

2d2a8 No.3919

>Where does it's optical illusion powers end though…?
No mortal knows…

d1db3 No.3920

good thing i'm immortal

f3fa1 No.3921

Then answer the question!


File: 1605983286608.png (42.56 KB, 461x287, 461:287, 2020-11-21 13_25_39-PokeMM….png)


it's actually pretty cool




It's pretty cool I guess. I just wish they didn't fuck too much with the difficulty of the gym leaders and stuff. It'd have been neat if they gave more of an incentive to trade or do battles with random players you come across. It's neat to have other people running around, but eh, most of them don't interact with others.


Oh hey! I just started playing this! Any anons wanna play w me? :)

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