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  1. What is the purpose of this imageboard?

    Despite its name, Grimchan is not an imageboard solely centered on spooky stuff. Grimchan aims to be a place that balances free, open expression with quality posts and content. We try to be as open to feedback as possible, allowing suggestions and criticism by users via the /reap/ board. So in other words, we're just a "meet in the middle" sort of place.

  2. Are you rulecucked?

    If your post does not violate any rules or laws, it will not be deleted, and that is a personal guarantee by the owner of this server. You might get a reply saying your post is crap.

  3. .net? Since when?!

    I'm as surprised as you are. I had 0 interest in changing the domain. I constantly asked people to stop harassing me about it in fact, but here we are. Our old domain was suspended without much warning/reasoning given. Something about spam, I'm guessing. Regardless, the site's up even if it's under a different domain.

  4. Why did the site go down three years ago?

    Grimchan was previously hosted on Alpharacks, as was 76chan, among other niche imageboards. Alpharacks went through a complicated controversy resulting in the deletion of all servers on its network. You can read about this at the following thread:https://www.lowendtalk.com/discussion/158228/alpharacks-officially-closing-doors-out-of-business

  5. Why did the site go down a second time in 2019?

    We had another VPS issue. Our provider sent us an email with one day's notice saying they were shutting down, we're not entirely sure why.

  6. Will the site stay up this time, you dumbass Admin?

    The new server Grimchan is hosted on is from a trustworthy provider. We have paid a hefty increase compared to our initial fee to acquire this server. The plus side is that it is much more powerful and feature-rich, so the site's speed and stability is improved. There should be no reason for the site to go down anytime soon (unless the domain gets fucked again lul). As of writing this, the server has been up since 2019 without any issues.

  7. How do I appeal a ban?

    There will be an option in your ban message to submit an appeal, you naughty poster you. If you don't hear back within 3 days, try messaging the Twitter (@GrimchanDotNet).

  8. How do I format posts?

  9. What file extensions are supported?

    webm, mp4, wav, mp3, ogg, png, jpg/jpeg, gif, txt are all supported.