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What do you turn to when you want to be scared? Movies? Books? Video Games? Image boards?


Legitimately, the first two Silent Hill games still get me. Sadly, I sold my copies of them ages ago so now I have to play them through emulators. I guess it isn't too hard to find new copies on ebay or something though.


play games, watch Youtube, in general just try to distract myself from my problems


I just watch the news.


this tbh. I haven't been scared of a movie in at least 12 years, a game at least 9 years.


Man the news really has been nothing but a fearmongering tool for a long time now. That in and of itself is a scary realization.


I watched the news for an hour last night and literally every story was about the rona

I love watching the news every day, now it's boring


I usually go to forums other horror feels forced to me I scare myself reading these posts


>I scare myself reading these posts

seeing the retardation of posters here does terrify me as well


I have a very particular ritual for watching horror movies that usually does the trick

you just take any old video nasty that you know next to nothing about and watch it alone at rhe wee hours of the night

Try it with Society(1989) or maybe Funhouse(1981)


conspiracys I used to read on x would give me anxiety lol


I watch the grudge. The original Japanese one. Holy fuck man it never fails to get me fucking creeped out.


I look to my shadow and remember who it follows.


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Reading scary stories or go urban exploring/camping.


I used to read SCP wiki late at night


Read or watch vids about people killed by nature. The scariest are the situations I might find myself in: lost in the woods, stuck in a cave, hiking accident, etc. Unsolved creature attacks are also super spooky.


I just remember how we are all controlled by /redacted/ /404/ /404/ /404/ /this web address appears to not link to anywhere/ /error/ /attempting trouble shoot/


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the walten files. shits fucked.




>13 years of age
>doesn't realize what scp has become since its days of creepypasta
>Larps about being scared by creepypasta


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sometimes all i need to do to be scared is to look out my apartment window


spiders are bros but I'm scared of them, they're freaky
also I hate the ones that weave those long, thin webs you end up barging through while you walk cause they're difficult to see


I think those spiders don't even need those massive webs. They just do it for the lulz, so humans walk through them and start flailing about, looking foolish to onlookers, and all the while the spiders are sitting back and having a laugh at their expense.


>What do you turn to when you want to be scared?
Self induced sleep paralysis.


It's hard for fictional media to really freak me out nowadays. Certain philosophical can genuinely unsettle me more than anything like that, but it's not the fun kind of being scared. I've gone through terrible periods of existential dread obsessing over the idea of solipsism and wouldn't wish it on anyone. Now that I think about it, there are few Twilight Zone episodes I've seen that freaked me out. It was similar in that it was in an anxiety-inducing way and not the kind I enjoy.

I can still enjoy vintage horror movies and certain artists or authors, especially when they're focused more on atmosphere or eeriness than cliches or cheap scares. Think along the lines of H.P. Lovecraft, German Expressionism, or Junji Itp.


>obsessing over the idea of solipsism
I had these what if questions for a long time myself, but to me it was always weird how others find it scary, unsettling or similar.
For me the conclusion was that whether it is true or false does not matter, since the results are the exact same thing. If it's false, then everything is business as usual, but if it's true, then still, nothing changes anyway.
The past is still exactly as it had been. The present is still just what it is.
The realization meant nothing.


That's the rational way of looking at it, but my mind doesn't work that way. I don't know why that is, but I seem predisposed to getting anxious over things like that.

I actually do think there's some truth to solipsism, but it's in the sense of a kind of monism where every being in existence is just the Absolute experiencing itself in countless forms. But because that idea doesn't entail everyone other than myself lacking subjective experience, it doesn't terrify me.


>every being in existence is just the Absolute experiencing itself
Isn't that true to you as well though?




Yup. It would mean that nothing exists but God. But since that would entail God not having any kind of set personality in the way we'd think of it, it could arguably be considered atheistic.


My go to is Silent Hill 2 or narrations of "Stolen Tongues" by Felix Blackwell. I don't know why but that story just gets to me.

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