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This board is sort of like /x/ but with religion and spirituality added as well. It can be spooky, it can be spiritual, it can be both. Have fun!

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Do Satan, demons and devils just think the language sounds cool? There is no logical reason for them to speak it. taking into account that Satan exist pretty early in the timeline of the world. So we could say for near certain that he existed before Latin did and possibly before proto-Celtic did.

Extending that to demons, who would also live pretty long, why would they speak Latin?

More into this is the story of the tower of babble. Which states humans spoke an ancient language that all humans spoke and which all human languages came from. Wouldn't this be the language they spoke instead?
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They spoke Latin to Latin speakers, and these encounters were the best recorded so it is how they were portrayed later.


Demons are pretentious bastards and always putting on airs. They probably speak Latin for the same reason that Star Wars villains sometimes sound vaguely British.
>but to me it would seem more likely for demons to speak their own language
There is that Enochian language that was channeled by John Dee and Edward Kelley…
but this does seem to be the simplest explanation.


The Romans had a practice of calling up demons to converse with them and learn their secrets. How do you think they became so knowledgeable in architecture? When the catholic church clamped down on the practice, demons never caught up with changing human languages.


This makes me curious about more recent though more unverified encounters with demons. Such as the story of the devil at the crossroads. I don't know if the church has commented on that tale yet.


fun fact in the star wars books they tell a story about how the british sith fuckers sent some of themselves away to another planet to try and conquer it. they became the british empire

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What do you turn to when you want to be scared? Movies? Books? Video Games? Image boards?
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>13 years of age
>doesn't realize what scp has become since its days of creepypasta
>Larps about being scared by creepypasta


File: 1628684529329.png (110.28 KB, 325x229, 325:229, 1085562327165.png)

sometimes all i need to do to be scared is to look out my apartment window


spiders are bros but I'm scared of them, they're freaky
also I hate the ones that weave those long, thin webs you end up barging through while you walk cause they're difficult to see


I think those spiders don't even need those massive webs. They just do it for the lulz, so humans walk through them and start flailing about, looking foolish to onlookers, and all the while the spiders are sitting back and having a laugh at their expense.


>What do you turn to when you want to be scared?
Self induced sleep paralysis.


Anyone here read fuan no tane? I feel like it's finality is so bad, but nevertheless full of potential. Is the writer dead? he must be.

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Anons, you ever had any of those really 'out there'/ weird dreams?
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>out there/ weird dreams
kind of a meh dream, but the last vivid one i had went like this. my dog was swallowed whole by a big yellow snake. i grabbed the snake by the tail and put my boot on it's head. bashed it's head with a rock and then pulled it's jaw apart. tore the snake skin lengthwise like it had a seem in it and got my dog out. the dog was slimy and gross, but still intact. not a good nights sleep.


File: 1632983818525.jpg (215.85 KB, 976x1050, 488:525, baphomet.jpg)

i looked back into my dream journal to properly answer this thread and was kind of suprised. i keep telling myself i dont need to go into full detail when writing my dreams out since ill just know what i was talking about, but looking back 2 years a lot of my dreams just seem disjointed and retarded, heres one of the entries

>i had a dream that one of my friends was a jew and he was in distress because he went to the doctor and found he had a gene that would make him go to hell over time.

theres longer stuff but i dont want to bore anyone with stuff that doesnt mean anything to anyone except me, however to properly answer the thread i will desrcibe one of the especially profound dreams ive had. i was in a white room, like one used for photography with that big curtain thing. i was lined up with 10 other men facing a man with a gun. he pointed the gun at me and i tried to calm myself so i could die properly and then he shot me. after that i felt the most amazing feeling ive ever felt, its what people who have had near death experiences describe, the feeling of true relaxation.



i didnt feel any stress and all the subconscious worries that are innate to being a physical creature were gone. then i, or my soul, started to float upwards, giving me this feeling of pure love, i thought i was going to heaven. next thing i knew i was looking at a mirror and i saw my dead body, with my empty eyes and the empty dark hole where i got shot. after that i was bowing before who i knew to be jesus, but who was clearly appeared to be the devil, just like the picture ive attached. this pristine white hallway in which the mirror and "jesus" were it continued, but i never got to see what was out there.

i know enough about dream interpretation to tell that this was definitely an archetypal dream, but it was so long ago that its profound meaning is probably useless to me now.


I occasionally have dreams that involve a long, tedious travel through "hell," or generally some dark, underground miserable realm. I reemerge at the end, and I've had the dreams often enough that when they start up it's less a sense of fear or dread than "here we go again." It's actually kind of interesting how close it parallels the idea of the hero's journey, with the descent into and reemergence from the underworld. I'm sure there's some sort of Freudian or Jungian significance to it.


dunno how this is gonna make you feel Anon but I get dreams that sound similar to that

I also tend to have dreams about me trying to get out of my dreams. Sort of an inception deal where I wake up from a dream only to be in another dream, and having to find my way out from that until I wake up in reality.

It's happened often enough that it doesn't fuck me in the head anymore.

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T h i s i s m y b o o , p o p p y . W h o i s
y o u r b o o ?


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File: 1641239432875-2.jpg (869.94 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, mirele.jpg)


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1 more week
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almost there… bump


not too spooky, just a lot of drunkards about


365 more days bros


skeleton has no need for flesh


speak for yerself…

t. hungry ghost

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Scary/strange websites thread
I'll start us of.




I use opentopia/insecam all the time, it's comfy being able to look at busy streets or store fronts especially nowadays. I also found one lady on opentopia who was streaming her entire life openly, had been since the late 90s.


Yeah you are right but what lady are you talking about. A cam girl?

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Just heard buzzing and loud scream on 107.9 FM radio station which is based in chicago, if anyone around that area sees this post pls flip through radio tonight if you're interested or something mind you that I heard this about twelve minutes from posting this, was driving through rural area as well, if not, maybe share similar experience
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Signal's kind of back but it's more of the same. I can't really make out what they're saying though.
I'll check again in like 2 or 3 hours, see if it changes at all.


I was listening to it online and it was just a bunch of mexicans talking

I think OP just has a dying radio


Some years ago, a friend from school and I would listen to a radio station from rural Illinois. Don't remember what it was called. The signal was faint near the city of Chicago, but when we could pull it in late at night we would hear random hardcore music that wouldn't be played on normie radio. It was a cool show and you could call in and make requests. Anyway, one night the DJ was getting pissed that no one was calling in, so he issued a challenge/threat to whatever listeners were out there. "If I don't get a caller in the next 15 minutes, I swear to God that I'll play The Annoying Song by The Butthole Surfers for the next hour straight!" We did not call in. We sat and waited. No one called in. So, we got stoned and had a laugh as we endured the ear rape over the next hour. Good times.

As far as OP is concerned, don't worry…
secret radio can't really hurt you


fuck man this gave me a good laugh


maybe a hijhack or a pirate radio signal?

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File: 1609028699332.png (1.52 MB, 762x1200, 127:200, krampus.png)

If Santa isn't real, who keeps Krampus in check?


I used to think that Santa was a myth, but then there was that one year when he left bite marks and the bruises were still visible on boxing day.


Logic is lost on them.
It was your fault for wearing that cookie sweater. Your survival shows his divine mercy.


File: 1609161963665.png (147.32 KB, 508x499, 508:499, santa.png)


File: 1609245077111.png (590.38 KB, 728x471, 728:471, 9505867618356.png)

I'm a believer, but you've got to be on the look out for the imposters

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