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Let's get spooky!
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This board is sort of like /x/ but with religion and spirituality added as well. It can be spooky, it can be spiritual, it can be both. Have fun!

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im not schizophrenic you will never see what i see. my eye just vibrates at a higher frequency than yours. ya'll wanna hit an om?


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Often come to websites about the Supernatural, despite not believing in it, just to read stories and thoughts from liars, those who believe their hallucinations are reality, and those who want to believe. But sometime I come across a post and realize its not from any of those groups; its from a paranoid or psychotic human. And then I feel bad for them, because I've experienced psychosis (induced by stimulant use) and it is an awful place to be.

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Ok so basically last night i was falling asleep, and like sometimes i get like little hallucinations before i fall asleep, sometimes even hear words. but like last night i was about to fall asleep and like the pixels in my eyes were starting to make out shapes and then like an image of a little girl riding a scooter comes out of the pixels at me really fast and says
and its like pretty auditable.
and then later that night im having a dream and like im with some people at this place and they start to have scratches and cuts all over them, and like one has a cut like around their head like it got opened and someone preformed brain surgery on them. then I realize,
>oh no its happened to me too!
and then this like archetypal person who sometimes visits me in my dreams appears and im like
>oh its you hey!
then they say
>those are demons you have to invoke the name of christ
>im like ok, because i trust this person, and ive heard of that with the demon before.
also its like i kinda belivve in god but i recently really havent been liking him because he it says in the bible about how he hates sausages. so ive been staying away.
>i say fuck it and invoke the name of christ
>then like i start shooting energy of some sort at them from my hands and they all turn to silly cartoon dragons and it like haha funny
>i wake up
is there something wrong with me?
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>Being confident in your own power seems to be what's truly important.
i feel that


>is there something wrong with me?
Nah, sounds like you're just slipping into dreaming.

>but the point of sex is to procreate
Biologically yes, but as a social creature you also do it as a bonding thing and also to just feel good.
It is healthy to have sex on a regular basis after all.

Tbh, why does there need to be some authoritarian being overseeing all of our actions anyway? It also makes no sense to condone and punish a person just because they were made that way. Even worse, why would they be made that way to begin with by an all powerful being?

>its hard to find the true god….
>like i guess its jesus is lord but…
Why did you pick Christianity to begin with?
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>Why did you pick Christianity to begin with?

I guess because i used to reonate with me but more so because they had free coffee. I really am more Buddhist than anything and my spirituality is really multifaceted. like i believe in the astral plane and stuff like that.


>its hard to find the true god….

Does there have to be a true god? Or a god at all? Can you discern either of these, even if they do exist?

My own experience convinces me that it isn't possible, so I've found it more useful to focus on whatever (moral or spirit or whatever) is good in my current existence, than to agonize over chasing the /one true god/.

Don't bury your head in the sand or ignore thousands of years of human experience that can be drawn upon, but also don't let it trap you or try to force it if it doesn't fit you.


im not like worrying too much about the true god. i know SOMETHING is out there but im not sure what tho. like ive had some pretty profound experiences idk. its hard for me to connect with deits i guess i have issuses with power…

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What do you turn to when you want to be scared? Movies? Books? Video Games? Image boards?
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That's the rational way of looking at it, but my mind doesn't work that way. I don't know why that is, but I seem predisposed to getting anxious over things like that.

I actually do think there's some truth to solipsism, but it's in the sense of a kind of monism where every being in existence is just the Absolute experiencing itself in countless forms. But because that idea doesn't entail everyone other than myself lacking subjective experience, it doesn't terrify me.


>every being in existence is just the Absolute experiencing itself
Isn't that true to you as well though?




Yup. It would mean that nothing exists but God. But since that would entail God not having any kind of set personality in the way we'd think of it, it could arguably be considered atheistic.


My go to is Silent Hill 2 or narrations of "Stolen Tongues" by Felix Blackwell. I don't know why but that story just gets to me.

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I want to improve my knowledge and practice regarding chaos magick. I know few stuff and i want to learn more. So if any of you have any tips or general convo regarding chaos magick we can talk on this thread


How has that changed your life for the better?
Are you currently happy? Is teh magick gonna improve your situation? And if so why hasn't it?


Common L with chaos magic is that you summon the feds by accident, and they take you to a mental hospital (for eternal suffering).
Many such cases, rip OP.

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Do Satan, demons and devils just think the language sounds cool? There is no logical reason for them to speak it. taking into account that Satan exist pretty early in the timeline of the world. So we could say for near certain that he existed before Latin did and possibly before proto-Celtic did.

Extending that to demons, who would also live pretty long, why would they speak Latin?

More into this is the story of the tower of babble. Which states humans spoke an ancient language that all humans spoke and which all human languages came from. Wouldn't this be the language they spoke instead?
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They spoke Latin to Latin speakers, and these encounters were the best recorded so it is how they were portrayed later.


Demons are pretentious bastards and always putting on airs. They probably speak Latin for the same reason that Star Wars villains sometimes sound vaguely British.
>but to me it would seem more likely for demons to speak their own language
There is that Enochian language that was channeled by John Dee and Edward Kelley…
but this does seem to be the simplest explanation.


The Romans had a practice of calling up demons to converse with them and learn their secrets. How do you think they became so knowledgeable in architecture? When the catholic church clamped down on the practice, demons never caught up with changing human languages.


This makes me curious about more recent though more unverified encounters with demons. Such as the story of the devil at the crossroads. I don't know if the church has commented on that tale yet.


fun fact in the star wars books they tell a story about how the british sith fuckers sent some of themselves away to another planet to try and conquer it. they became the british empire


Anyone here read fuan no tane? I feel like it's finality is so bad, but nevertheless full of potential. Is the writer dead? he must be.

File: 1586416431116-0.png (6.33 MB, 1772x1688, 443:422, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1586416431116-1.jpg (497.51 KB, 1772x1688, 443:422, 23460782605872-tarkovsky.jpg)


Anons, you ever had any of those really 'out there'/ weird dreams?
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>out there/ weird dreams
kind of a meh dream, but the last vivid one i had went like this. my dog was swallowed whole by a big yellow snake. i grabbed the snake by the tail and put my boot on it's head. bashed it's head with a rock and then pulled it's jaw apart. tore the snake skin lengthwise like it had a seem in it and got my dog out. the dog was slimy and gross, but still intact. not a good nights sleep.


File: 1632983818525.jpg (215.85 KB, 976x1050, 488:525, baphomet.jpg)

i looked back into my dream journal to properly answer this thread and was kind of suprised. i keep telling myself i dont need to go into full detail when writing my dreams out since ill just know what i was talking about, but looking back 2 years a lot of my dreams just seem disjointed and retarded, heres one of the entries

>i had a dream that one of my friends was a jew and he was in distress because he went to the doctor and found he had a gene that would make him go to hell over time.

theres longer stuff but i dont want to bore anyone with stuff that doesnt mean anything to anyone except me, however to properly answer the thread i will desrcibe one of the especially profound dreams ive had. i was in a white room, like one used for photography with that big curtain thing. i was lined up with 10 other men facing a man with a gun. he pointed the gun at me and i tried to calm myself so i could die properly and then he shot me. after that i felt the most amazing feeling ive ever felt, its what people who have had near death experiences describe, the feeling of true relaxation.



i didnt feel any stress and all the subconscious worries that are innate to being a physical creature were gone. then i, or my soul, started to float upwards, giving me this feeling of pure love, i thought i was going to heaven. next thing i knew i was looking at a mirror and i saw my dead body, with my empty eyes and the empty dark hole where i got shot. after that i was bowing before who i knew to be jesus, but who was clearly appeared to be the devil, just like the picture ive attached. this pristine white hallway in which the mirror and "jesus" were it continued, but i never got to see what was out there.

i know enough about dream interpretation to tell that this was definitely an archetypal dream, but it was so long ago that its profound meaning is probably useless to me now.


I occasionally have dreams that involve a long, tedious travel through "hell," or generally some dark, underground miserable realm. I reemerge at the end, and I've had the dreams often enough that when they start up it's less a sense of fear or dread than "here we go again." It's actually kind of interesting how close it parallels the idea of the hero's journey, with the descent into and reemergence from the underworld. I'm sure there's some sort of Freudian or Jungian significance to it.


dunno how this is gonna make you feel Anon but I get dreams that sound similar to that

I also tend to have dreams about me trying to get out of my dreams. Sort of an inception deal where I wake up from a dream only to be in another dream, and having to find my way out from that until I wake up in reality.

It's happened often enough that it doesn't fuck me in the head anymore.

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T h i s i s m y b o o , p o p p y . W h o i s
y o u r b o o ?


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File: 1641239432875-2.jpg (869.94 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, mirele.jpg)


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1 more week
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almost there… bump


not too spooky, just a lot of drunkards about


365 more days bros


skeleton has no need for flesh


speak for yerself…

t. hungry ghost

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