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What do you turn to when you want to be scared? Movies? Books? Video Games? Image boards?
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Chaos Magick

I want to improve my knowledge and practice regarding chaos magick. I know few stuff and i want to learn more. So if any of you have any tips or general convo regarding chaos magick we can talk on this thread
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im not schizophrenic you will never see what i see. my eye just vibrates at a higher frequency than yours. ya'll wanna hit an om?
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Why would demons speak latin?

Do Satan, demons and devils just think the language sounds cool? There is no logical reason for them to speak it. taking into account that Satan exist pretty early in the timeline of the world. So we could say for near certain that he existed before Latin did and possibly before proto-Celtic did.

Extending that to demons, who would also live pretty long, why would they speak Latin?

More into this is the story of the tower of babble. Which states humans spoke an ancient language that all humans spoke and which all human languages came from. Wouldn't this be the language they spoke instead?
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Anyone here read fuan no tane? I feel like it's finality is so bad, but nevertheless full of potential. Is the writer dead? he must be.
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Anons, you ever had any of those really 'out there'/ weird dreams?
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M y b o o

T h i s i s m y b o o , p o p p y . W h o i s
y o u r b o o ?
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1 more week
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Scary/strange websites thread
I'll start us of.

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spooky radio happenings

Just heard buzzing and loud scream on 107.9 FM radio station which is based in chicago, if anyone around that area sees this post pls flip through radio tonight if you're interested or something mind you that I heard this about twelve minutes from posting this, was driving through rural area as well, if not, maybe share similar experience
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Best methods for killing yokai?
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Halloween/Fall aesthetic thread

It's that time of year folks. We're supposed to be grimchan, so lets get sp00py.
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What's your favorite conspiracy?
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How do I trascend to an altered state of consciousness?
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"Shadow people"

Have you ever seen them?
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Any of you guys religious? What would you call yourself?

I'm Catholic but really enjoy reading up on spirituality and particularly Crowley. Thelema and Golden Dawn are just super fascinating to me.
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Welcome to /boo/

This board is sort of like /x/ but with religion and spirituality added as well. It can be spooky, it can be spiritual, it can be both. Have fun!
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Something big is happening to the /x/ board..its changing…