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File: 1677109360975.png (14.66 KB, 598x660, 299:330, grimchancomic.png)

a2923 No.4045

i'm bored, lets make a comic. i will draw it. give me suggestions for names of characters and their descriptions, places, scenarios, it can be intellectualed, don't take it too seriously.

3b5dd No.4048

Can it be about a dick with a funny hat

a2923 No.4049

sure, but let's see if there are any less intellectualed suggestions.

e5a9b No.4050

File: 1677127500981.jpg (119.16 KB, 1154x871, 1154:871, charsi.JPG)

(these ideas are just current preliminaries and can change if others join in, he is a kind of character i was making with some people about a year ago but we just stopped, so lemmie remove the irrelevant stuff and keep the stuff that would matter for now)
Character notes and ideas list:

i like the idea that he is a side character and stays out of the plot, but depends on what people think of him
(nickname "charsi")
-Opportunistic Merchant
-does not advertise
-no set location for his """shop"""
-found on rooftops or other high locations
-sells nonlethal weapons and ammunition, and drugs, as well as other nick-knacks
-"""shop""" has a boombox with it's own music
-blues & blues rock
-smooth jazz because why not

-he's a fairly illusive individual, rarely spotted in public
-apolitical, no affiliation
-likes to watch the world below
-optimistic misanthropic attitude (doesn't like the way people behave, but he believes that they should and could aspire to be better in ways)
-gets around, has a history of travel
-is an ex draftee vet
-Smoker (Hashish, cigaretts, maybe ganja, possibly as a coping mechanism)
-has incense burning in the """shop"""
-has one and a half legs, with a basic prosthetic he removes while he's at is shop
-he may well say something along the lines of:
"the the right combat intuition can conquer anything, especially without your original leg, let me tell you!"
-possible conspiritorial ramblings if you push a conversation deep enough

-possibly homeless/vagrant, so the main character(s) find charsi in a motel room if they visit his shop enough over time
-broken spring in his prosthetic, maybe the protag(s) can find a spring in a junk pile and give it to him or something?

a2923 No.4051

this is promising as a side character. let me know if you have any more ideas

e5a9b No.4052

oh of course!
i'll do some sketches of them like i do with any character i make, just to get some basic ideas going, haha

a2923 No.4053

the way that character is kinda narrows the range of what this comic can be about as far setting and time period goes, which isnt a problem. it actually would fit into a different project i started that didnt go anywhere on the /grim/ board on 7chan. it was meant to be sort of a game but no one wanted to play it, well they did but it ended suddenly. it's about a guy named tim grim who lives in grimsville. maybe it's well suited for this place because it's called grimchan? there wasnt much of a story, i was going to make it up as i went. maybe it's worthwhile to explore the idea

e5a9b No.4054

you know, i like the idea, what if it's a grimchan comic, vaguely how other chans have their own media projects? ala Lain-zine and Katawa Shoujo.

i think it could be cool
we could adapt it to be like… hmmmmm

well, tell me more about the setting of grimsville?

a2923 No.4055

grimsville is very dreary and foggy all the time, it is semirural, everyone is poor, the buildings are dilapidated, there are a bunch of abandoned structures around because all the industry left long ago. imagine the post apocalypse but without an actual apocalypse, it's a place that the modern world forgot and everyone who hasnt left grimsville is just waiting to die basically. that doesnt need to be set in stone, feel free to make suggestions. i had some art i posted to that other thread, just to see the kind of vibe i was going for, but it can be better. here is a link https://7chan.org/grim/res/6913.html

e5a9b No.4056

File: 1677131035625.png (24.34 KB, 685x685, 1:1, Landon the WW character.png)

i like your art style!

yeee, i think grimsville could be good
though in story tone, i think we'd need to have some kind of subtext for the story so that it communicates some message, or we could juxtapose the depressing atmosphere with genuinely interesting and happy characters (overall), and thereby kinda give away this gothlike mentality to the whole thing, where everyone is happy and passionate in their own unique way… i think that would be a cool direction to take it!

this is a character i made for my recent ttrpg game with my friends, his name is Landon Lankersohn, he was a squire to a knight, but his knight got killed in battle and landon got torched, so he wears a prosthetic facemask to cover up his burns, he goes out freelance adventuring for a living because he's given up the warrior's life and he needs money after spending a year and a half being bedridden after the incident.

a2923 No.4057

yeah, like i said i was going to make it up as i went but the hint of the story i had was basically that tim would explore grimsville and meet interesting people and/or love interest while searching for meaning in his life. i did not and do not want it to be depression porn or whatever. i like your character. have you ever made a comic before?

e5a9b No.4058

i never made a comic/graphic novel before, but i did do some basic storyboarding and bulletpointing for some ideas i had for some a few years back, but i never went through with them

though i do think it would be cool to brainstorm the idea for the world the story would be set in, i do enjoy world-building :D

a2923 No.4059

okay awesome. i have some solo projects i am working on but i always thought it would be fun to collaborate on something with people just for fun, so it's cool that you seem enthusiastic about it, plus i see you have creative experience so that's a big bonus.

e5a9b No.4060

i'd love to help!

i do like drawing, i tend to draw in a few styles, either something like what i drew for landon, or a kind of lineless artwork for my own personal projects

if you want, hmu on d i s c o r d for some easy back-and-fourthing for any art-related things i could provide :D


a2923 No.4061

i don't use discord but i'll consider making one if this starts going somewhere. in the meantime, i think i'll start daydreaming up some semblance of a story.

e5a9b No.4062

that's fair

but regarding the story, i like the idea that it's about finding meaning in life

it would be nice to have a cast of central and side characters that are still struggling in their own way, are making their way to their goal, or are living their meaningful life, and grim just has interactions with them

perhaps grimsville is actually in an underworld/purgatory plane of existence, and one of the underlying themes is that no matter what existance actually is, with an afterlife or not, the best purpose to aspire to is your own, as your life is your own, and finding that purpose and meaning is difficult, but you get to find it, and when you do, it's that much more special <3

a2923 No.4063

we can work with that. feel free to create some characters to populate grimsville.

a2923 No.4064

anon…it's me again, this is kinda embarrassing but i have to put grimsville on the backburner as it has already exceeded the scope of what i had in mind for this comic. i wanted it to be a lazy fun shitpost sort of thing, granted better than a dick with a hat, but after thinking about it for a little while i realized i already have one comic i am way behind on, plus another world building thing i started a couple days ago on a different altchan. i might pick it up at a later date, but for now i think i bit off more than i can chew. also i have realized that to tell a story people have to be on the same page as far what the themes and values of the work are going to be, and since i don't know any of you that may very difficult unless it is a complete shitpost throwaway sort of thing, know what i mean? i need to go to bed soon, but i will see how i feel tomorrow. i feel silly for starting something and second-guessing it so soon, but hopefully you understand.

e5a9b No.4065

File: 1677137783333.png (23.04 KB, 790x506, 395:253, charlie.png)

i understand, though i am a tad disappointed

though i did come up with this character here

if you'd permit it, might i be able to try out developing the comic and the world in my own time as a project? i'd be happy to change the names or just defer to you for any rulings on what should/shouldn't be part of the overall comic if you'd prefer.

i'd like to hear your input :D

a2923 No.4066

damn that's actually really cool. yeah keep working on it, i'll see how i feel tomorrow about how much time i can invest but if you are really that into it then i'm up for working on it. i just tend to become overwhelmed by commitment and this thing became a lot bigger a lot faster than i expected, i might feel differently once i sleep on it. i really really like what you made there, it's exactly the sort of thing i had in mind. looking forward to seeing what else you come up with.

e5a9b No.4067

YEY ^-^

thank you very much!
i want very much to work on this project!
this is honestly the most motivated i've been towards an artistic venture in a long while, and im happy to have my creative fire reignited!

i hope you have a great sleep and i hope you wake up on the good side of the bed tomorrow morning!

a2923 No.4068

File: 1677143509821.png (148.64 KB, 876x660, 73:55, pops.png)

your art and enthusiasm got me too excited to sleep so i came up with this. maybe one legged charsi owns a junk shop and pops gets a few bucks here and there if he finds something interesting to sell

a2923 No.4069

the description of charlie gave me some ideas. this doesnt have to involve charlie if you have other plans for him but maybe the industry in grimsville ended for mysterious reasons, maybe there was a fire, or some shady stuff happened and there was a coverup. what industry was grimsville known for? mining, some sort of factory? i don't know yet, but i like the idea of there being a mystery as to why the factory/mine closed down. this would be like a third act sort of reveal, or even just clues placed throughout the comic for perceptive readers to pick up on as an added lore element. anyway, going to bed for real this time.

e5a9b No.4070

yeah that's great!
lovin pops!

though i do think i just realised that we might be diverging at the moment, i kinda started rolling with the idea that this is the purgatory underworld idea, i totally forgot about your idea of the apocalypse like real life environment you initially described

uuuh, what if there was a cataclysm that wiped out all life on earth, but for some reason, all the souls of everybody who was alive during the cataclysm remained on earth? and they basically spend an eternal existence living life basically. so they are ghosts, they are dead, they are just stuck there forever.
and yet for some unknown reason…. all the souls of the people who died from before the cataclysm are nowhere to be found….

e5a9b No.4071

ngl, this literally sounds loosely like the plot of Night In The Woods (great game, epic story btw)

a2923 No.4072

well as far as i am concerned grimsville is just a cold foggy town in the middle of nowhere, it might as well be purgatory, i originally imagined it as like a dreamy gloomy place that at the very least feels supernatural. just keep doing what you're doing and don't worry too much about conforming to anything specific yet
i never heard of it, but i know it's a common trope

e5a9b No.4073

i love your artstyle btw, it reminds me of one of my teenage idols for artwork Fredrik Malmhake

e5a9b No.4074

File: 1677158718555.png (34.81 KB, 800x600, 4:3, yinyangcouple.png)

a new set of characters, they act as an A side and a B side, they are practically inseparable.
they have this yin-yang kind of vibe, as they are both opposing yet complimentary in many ways.

they are just the cutest couple ever.
pure wholesome fuel.

a2923 No.4075

File: 1677179175009.png (226.42 KB, 876x660, 73:55, gvcouple.png)

we are very much diverging here. i like wholesomeness but that is cutesier than i had in mind. can you explain more of what your vision for this project is? i get the sense that the vibe you are going for is a bit more saturday morning cartoon and mine is…well not that. we might be able to meet somewhere in the middle depending on what else you come up with and how this develops, but if it becomes too much of a conflict of visions then you can just take it over as a personal project. i can still give input if you desire, but i will be brutally honest if you ask me what i think. anyway here is my take on anton and eva, a couple of hoodlums with hearts of gold.

e5a9b No.4076

would it be possible to use a VOIP? i'd have a difficult time writing it all out as a mass of paragraphs, i personally use a set of indented bullet points as my way of keeping track of info, but it's obtuse to read to people who arent me because to anyone but me it just seems like unhinged rantings.

it's not as "saturday morning cartoon" as you think it is, i wanted to make an emotionally powerful story, and for that, we need contrast.

a2923 No.4077

i really can't be bothered to set anything up for voice chatting at the moment. if it's easier for you to explain it verbally then maybe you can record some vocaroos and post them here. i apologize, i am not trying to make it more difficult than it has to be, i'm just lazy and paranoid when it comes to technology.

e5a9b No.4078

a2923 No.4079

okay i have a few things to say. first off i can tell you have put a lot of thought into this and that's cool. unfortunately, that is about the extent of my enthusiasm for what you outlined. the way in which you think about stories is not at all how i think about stories. for me a story doesn't even begin to take on meaning until i am virtually done writing it, so creating the themes and the philosophy of it beforehand is quite a foreign concept to me. the way that you described the whole purgatory thing and the protagonist being a sort of therapist talking to all these different people is not particularly interesting to me, also i think it is more suited to like a rpg or something, which is more your background anyway from what i gathered, i would not know how to adapt something like that into a comic that i would be excited to read.

post too long more coming

a2923 No.4080

i have come back to what i said last night, that it would be hard to work on something with people who have different values. there is something about your purgatory vision that doesn't sit right with me as far as my worldview and personal convictions/philosophy go, so i can't see myself working in that direction. lastly, and please don't take this the wrong way, but are you trans? i know it's cringe to bring up politics but the average trans would see me as a "chud" or whatever and my other comic is very edgy, and some might even say "transphobic". do i care that you are trans? not really, but i am afraid this is where the conflict of visions may become even more pronounced if you start adding things to the story that i personally wouldn't want in there, know what i mean? all that being said, you seem like a cool person and i admire your skill and enthusiasm and i respect your vision as an artist, but i am foreseeing too much conflict for us to be able to find common ground for a story here. don't let that discourage you in anyway though, i know you said that you got a creative spark out of this and i don't want to extinguish that in any way.

e5a9b No.4081

yeah everything you said is fair
ah yeah, im trans, though im not the type to be an asshole just because somebody makes an edgy joke, i won't rope just cuz somebody said a mean thing to me and my face is stuupid!
but yeah, it would seem like our ideas really are just in different ballparks tbh, i guess it's unfortunate.
¯\_(ツ)_/¯ oh well

but i am happy to have met and talked to you, as you did get my artistic side back from stagnation, thanks!
i think i'm gonna make my own comic then, as i'd want to see these characters develop….
i'll change the name of the place and protag so as to not step on your toes, and to be fair, i think our ideas are conceptually different enough that we shouldn't have any issues thereafter, haha

a2923 No.4082

cool. if you want you can keep posting updates to this thread so i can see what you are coming up with, who knows it may end up surprising me. i most likely will not continue posting any art as i have a couple other projects i am behind on like i mentioned before. also your voice isnt too bad for a tranny, needs a little more work but it's like 95% there.

e5a9b No.4083

my voice is usually better, but
a) i live in the uk, so it's 10:45pm
b) i've been talking to my friends all day
c) i'm a little bit drunk, ngl
but ye, imma try and get some ideas plotted down for the story and that'll give me some ideas for characters and motivations
worldbuild > filling features > characters > motivations > finer details, will likely be the process on the agenda for the rest of my week then!

btw, feel free to take Charsi, he's all yours! :D

a2923 No.4084

okay thanks, i wish i could steal charlie too but that's okay lol. if this thread is still here by the time i start doing something with this story i will post it here. i might even do a really quick outline of the whole thing in the next few weeks if the inspiration hits. we'll see what happens.

e5a9b No.4085

i can understand why you'd wanna steal Charlie, but the little one is my precious little bean, sorry (first non-playable oc i made in years, lots of sentimental value ;~; )

hey, even if you don't post on this thread, i'll look out for any threads anyways, i'd like to see how you go!

a2923 No.4091

how's the progress?

e5a9b No.4092

outlined some more points, and elaborated on some others

-like, what the cataclysm actually would have been, but the people dont know
-what happened after the cataclysm
(over about a year, the world phased away while the afterlife phased in and became tangible to them)

a2923 No.4093

nice, i'm interested to see how it ends up. i think i figured out a story for mine, i need to think about it a little more before i commit to it because i usually end up coming up with cooler ideas as i work and then try to shoehorn them in, i want to avoid that this time.

71a24 No.4095

reminds me of kris from deltarune
is Charlie verbal?

e5a9b No.4097

charlie is in fact verbal, just very anti-social/allergic to people due to past experiences, i wanna keep it a surprise, as it wont be revealed until later in the comic's run.

216c2 No.4104

are you losers ever going to make something, or just circle jerk over your disabilities ?

5a72b No.4105

e5a9b No.4108

>…or just circle jerk over your disabilities ?

i wasn't
the whole point of what i want to do is to show that people can, with the right push, overcome whatever problem they are faced with

there will be bad times, yes?
there will be good times, yes?

just try your best, and if you feel like your best isn't good enough, you can always find help (instead of wallowing in your own self pity).

987b4 No.4122

How is it going?

fc428 No.4123

stop harassing me

987b4 No.4124

lol what?

07951 No.4125


e5a9b No.4130

it's going good!
i have a few more characters outlined, and i have gone more in-depth with the afterlife mechanics.

i should be ready to start drafting out dialogue and panels soon!
(soon being the operative word here, i have things to do irl, haha)

987b4 No.4132

That's great to hear, I was worried you had given up on it.

e5a9b No.4134

haha, yeah!
i am genuinely excited for it, even if it is slow going

but hopefully once i get the ball rolling, i can get carried off with the momentum of it all, haha

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