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f3304 No.4028

so my school is gunna make me get vaxxxed.
is it like safe?
like will it make me have a heart attack or turn me into an npc?
im scared……..
Are ya'll vaxxxed grimchon?

311ff No.4029

dude, why are you asking some random imageboard? fuck off, you're just going to start a flamewar.

a264c No.4031

why don't you come onto irc so you could discuss this matter with us?

9d3ee No.4032

File: 1676853886807.jpeg (52.7 KB, 558x565, 558:565, proxy-image.jpeg)

that vaxxx doesn't make you into an npc
being npc makes you vaxx'd


14f24 No.4033

it's been 2 years if it wasn't safe we would know for sure and would've stopped vaccinating, instead of having shitty old white karens badly pretending to have the shakes on twitter

get over it, get the vaccine, it's not gonna do anything besides make your arm hurt and make you feel a bit shitty for a day or two

dd71e No.4034

I got the vax and my dick fell off. Whatever you do, don't inject in your pp.

ba810 No.4086

And give you myocarditis, but that's no big deal.

0402a No.4087

Stupid, but made me laugh. thanks, anon :3

c5d3d No.4090

Personally I wouldn't, but I attend votech in a red state and filled out the religious exemption form.

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