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ac052 No.4021

is it not healthy to push everyone away is it?
sometimes i feel like id be better off dead.
maybe i already am dead.
if i didnt talk to this one person in irl i wouldnt speak to anyone irl at all. im thinking about telling them to leave me alone.
so i can really be alone.
im sick.
I dont even know what to do anymore.
i just want to sleep forever.
I dont even know why im posting this.
its stupid, and im stupid.
im so glad im going to die someday.
then i can finally rest.

ba527 No.4022

hurr durr
>i'm 15
>am sad
grow up. by now you should know that there are good times, and there are bad times.
the only one that can help you, is you.
simple shit.
go for walk
ride bike.
breath fresh air you fucking neet.
stop your insufferable whining.
we don't like it.
girls don't like it.
your parents don't like it.
that one person that even bothers talking to you doesn't like it.
find a hobby. preferably one that requires exercise and/or sunshine.

more importantly. actually TRY instead of pretending like you did and then complaining about it.

5264b No.4024

File: 1676605468316.png (1.89 MB, 2992x2410, 1496:1205, 1663740871332.png)

This post is weird, it's almost like looking in a mirror. I currently struggle with pushing others away, too. And with suicidal ideation and apathy.

I personally found getting a job and working out regularly to help me with these feelings, just because they gave me something to focus on other than my own life. Essentially temporary non-existence. It didn't make the feelings go away but it did make them better.

Don´t push the last person away. I'm sure they care for you, anon, and I'm sure they want to see you happy. Pushing them away can only do more harm to yourself. I believe there is salvation for you. anon. You just have to make the first step and ask.

Please hang in there.

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