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Join #Grimchan on irc.finalchan.net, you stupid fucking boomers

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96c43 No.3837


As the name foretolds, things are looking grim.

Sad to see this little corner of the internet dying.

I'll miss you all.

e11b5 No.3838

I recently joined, but it looks like it was just in time for the end. I know you not but I will miss what could have been.
Fare thee well, Grimchannons

7620e No.3844

File: 1667742832658.jpg (214.1 KB, 1080x1138, 540:569, 1651839106156.jpg)

first time i see this website, it feels amazing and well organized but apparently there are too many imageboards for too little users so most are doomed to see little activity and remain open just for the passion of their developers. i wish best luck to whoever run this place. I HAVE BEEN HERE.

4fa53 No.3845

Thanks mate. Contrary to what one might think, I haven't abandoned this place or anything, I still check several times for modding purposes.

I made it when I started university and I was very hopeful it was going to blow up, that was really fucking dumb on my part. As time went on though, I made a lot of friends from here and even met one guy for coffee in-person. I realized that's really all you can ask for. I'm just glad I got to make a little community for a while and meet some nice people.

I never minded paying out the ass so long as there was a community of people that used it regularly. Sadly that's just not how it seems to be anymore, but that's okay. I'm just glad I paid the domain bill way ahead so that I can keep the place running for a few months more.


0016e No.3846


god bless grimchan

0110b No.3847

i heard about this place a few years ago, but i never actually got around to visiting until now when it's the witching hour and i thought "wait, didn't i hear about an imageboard i could go to?"

sorry i couldn't've been here during the golden or silver era, but i'll do my best to stick around for the end, try and meet others, see if i can maybe get a few of my friends to venture here before the end too.


13a9e No.3848


46bc6 No.3854

I'll see you guys on Dreamchan and late.city.

c760c No.3857

hoi hoi turn it into a textboard or a single board site of some sort. The theme is cute at least.

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