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b281c No.3619

Being a shut-in is taking it's toll. How are you re?

c5e66 No.3620

I have an exam on something I haven't studied, I have a project worth 70% of my grade due tomorrow and I hate my job

Hello anon

b281c No.3621

What's your grade before the test?

c5e66 No.3622

80. that's an A- where I am.

b281c No.3623

Yeah, I guess that I don't know your grading scale. Does that leave you with a bit of wiggle room? Just remember that your goal is to pass. It's okay to take a hit or two.

6a3d2 No.3659

In the same predicament as you. Being a shut in is also taking a toll on me as well. I just want friends.

f4b9e No.3661

I don't have advice to give since all my friends are online, but why do you shut yourself off? Is it just from the real world or is it from everyone in general, regardless of if it's online or not?

380b2 No.3664

File: 1642588118115.jpg (108.81 KB, 648x432, 3:2, here.jpg)

I've been a shut-in for nearly five years now. Kill me, please

d4fed No.3679

I've been off and on though mostly on for 7

23805 No.3689

>Being a shut-in is taking it's toll
When the winter ends I have to come out of hibernation somewhat, but I rather not.

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