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9542e No.4718[Reply]

Reminder that rule 10 is in effect. I will ban you if you pretend to be Grimchan staff. It's obnoxious and creates confusion.

6b2b4 No.4719

>stop harassing me

File: 1693507900145.gif (60.6 KB, 498x498, 1:1, pepe-apu.gif)

f31ff No.4703[Reply]

grimchan is the best coziest chan, and i am glad its ok.
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c15f4 No.4726

Grimchan is where I come after Dreamchan bit the dust

89fae No.4727

My grigga!

558f9 No.4741

I took a look at Dreamchan and bookmarked it with the intention of going back there, but it was gone by the time I remembered it.

cd7f1 No.4748

File: 1695750364236.png (213.25 KB, 389x313, 389:313, tamamortified.png)

Dreamchan died?! Noooooooo! I used to love that place

bc4a1 No.4749

Yup. It rustles my jimmies that I never got a chance to really get to know it.

File: 1694314360463-0.jpg (3.27 MB, 4624x3468, 4:3, 20230908_134614.jpg)

File: 1694314360463-1.jpg (3.77 MB, 4624x3468, 4:3, 20230908_134556.jpg)

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67e92 No.4729

Good cat

a0861 No.4735


File: 1692258466384.png (301.47 KB, 1439x1166, 1439:1166, 1692250446118812.png)

8040e No.4663[Reply]

The UK government admitted that 1 out of 73 vaxxed people had died by May 2022. Imagine what the real death numbers must be like. It's probably more like 1 out of 10 vaxxed people have died already.
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0d63c No.4707

god im tired of seeing you braindead fucking stinkrats everywhere i go. give proof, actual fucking records that the vaccine kills. actual autopsy reports, actual records.

>inb4 "they're hiding them"

Yeah, sure, millions of coroners are hiding the truth in a unified and coordinated effort to kill white people or whatever you fucks think. we can't work together to accept that a pandemic is a problem, you really think that many people can work together to hide some bullshit? if so, kys. tired of this shit from you people

05acb No.4711

File: 1693614219266-0.gif (2.43 MB, 640x640, 1:1, senator-armstrong-source.gif)

File: 1693614219266-1.jpg (87.81 KB, 680x847, 680:847, F1nF4c0WIAEHgDr.jpg)

File: 1693614219266-2.jpg (163.73 KB, 1024x1000, 128:125, ebiy2trr8wv81.jpg)

1ea4b No.4730

for me it's all the myocarditis/pericarditis that magically started appearing in children post-vax, combined with the mysterious rise in professional footballers collapsing on tv



it's not le red deer meme level of habbening but it's definitely no bueno, and probably not worth it in a cost/benefit analysis

6540e No.4734

>the mysterious rise in professional footballers collapsing on tv
Ever heard of performance enhancing drugs? They tend to have side effects like that.
>inb4 they would've announced it
Doubtful. Football teams love their player contracts and if they feel the need to hide that shit then they absolutely will.

65612 No.4737

r/ChurchofCovid is pretty funny for being on Reddit.

File: 1693705809831.jpg (9.76 KB, 87x209, 87:209, 1656639551854~8.jpg)

7823f No.4713[Reply]


fuck you,


ADMIN MOTE: ignore this lolcow, he's obsessed with pretending to be me.

7d49d No.4715

What the fuck are you bellyaching about? The spam is annoying, yes, but you seem to be doing well handling it. Who the fuck is harassing you? Maybe you should take on some Mods if the management is too much for you alone.

9b902 No.4716

This is a known spammer. Ignore him.

9b902 No.4717

Edited out "Admin" from the subject to make it extremely clear that it's a spammer.

9f360 No.4736

File: 1694727378112.gif (26.48 KB, 128x126, 64:63, trollJumpScare.gif)


File: 1693171448996.jpg (1.21 MB, 1200x4480, 15:56, Roll your gf rollbutton la….jpg)

e6648 No.4695[Reply]

I want a gf

Also general roll games thread

No porn as per the rules and because I said so
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7a1d7 No.4697


7a1d7 No.4698

oh no :( reroll

19d8d No.4702


85ea5 No.4706

It's a slow chan, but fuck it! Let's roll, see where we're at

576c7 No.4732


File: 1689025817266.jpg (714.63 KB, 3128x2218, 1564:1109, meow.jpg)

f6e01 No.4652[Reply]


4e403 No.4653

File: 1689026462156.gif (380.14 KB, 390x236, 195:118, 1685114210633.gif)


07839 No.4692

File: 1692959755289.gif (987.59 KB, 500x700, 5:7, 1674634285247.gif)


13ec6 No.4701

File: 1693439202237.png (999.42 KB, 3636x2835, 404:315, dogcow.png)


File: 1692933394180.png (20.88 KB, 799x464, 799:464, 1692856700184.png)

3b882 No.4690[Reply]

The teens nuked this place huh, RIP
I take it there was no way to restore the catalogue?

877c9 No.4691

The last catalogue auto backup is from well over a year ago. Not much point. That's alright though. As long as people can still post, I'm happy, and I'll keep monitoring the place.

I'll be making more frequent automatic backups to my own personal storage from now on in case of any more issues. Monthly, ideally.

3b882 No.4694

Not being able to open a place and see the history is quite sad

File: 1692928748755.jpeg (107.78 KB, 1000x665, 200:133, photo-1611738740585-3598e….jpeg)

45c18 No.4689[Reply]

There's a very heavy thunderstorm outside my house Anons. I'm in bed, and this is very comfy. Hope you all have a comfy night. Nothing better than a cozy NEET bunker.

af0b2 No.4693

I always used to like thunderstorms, but I'm more nervous about them now due to a bad storm that came through my area years ago and left my family without power for a few days.

File: 1690301888492.mp4 (4.26 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, brunyu.mp4)

76dc7 No.4657[Reply]

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94433 No.4679

No, who wants to see cricket eyes like that?

76dc7 No.4680

File: 1692634027235.png (1.08 MB, 1100x1100, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

are you sure?

44fa5 No.4681

Fuck yeah I would!

2fb0d No.4684

I would make passionate love to necoarc

76dc7 No.4686

absolute chad

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