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## Admin

Stork harassing me.
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Reminder that rule 10 is in effect. I will ban you if you pretend to be Grimchan staff. It's obnoxious and creates confusion.
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grimchan is the best coziest chan, and i am glad its ok.
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mass vax deaths reported by government

The UK government admitted that 1 out of 73 vaxxed people had died by May 2022. Imagine what the real death numbers must be like. It's probably more like 1 out of 10 vaxxed people have died already.
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fuck you,


ADMIN MOTE: ignore this lolcow, he's obsessed with pretending to be me.
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I want a gf

Also general roll games thread

No porn as per the rules and because I said so
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The teens nuked this place huh, RIP
I take it there was no way to restore the catalogue?
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There's a very heavy thunderstorm outside my house Anons. I'm in bed, and this is very comfy. Hope you all have a comfy night. Nothing better than a cozy NEET bunker.
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Posting is now enabled. Contact me if we have bugs ffs. Thanks to the one guy that mentioned it in email.

For reference, I had the boards locked due to insane amounts of spam. Commenting on the spam was egging them on. I disabled the board lock quickly, but a bug in tinyboard made the change not go through. I was unaware of this because nobody had emailed me after the period I thought I had unlocked.
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What happened here