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File: 1674957232275.jpg (7.32 KB, 207x243, 23:27, pictureforgrimchanpost.jpg)

ef326 No.3960[Reply]

Hi GrimChan! How is everyone tonight? or maybe your reading this in the day. Either way I hope u r doing good. What are some stuff you like to do? im curious what you guys interests are.
mew mew

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ef326 No.3970

urban exploring isnt just abandos and stuff theres tons of little alleys and cuts to explore sometimes it fun just to skate around and lurk. sometimes i like to check the doors of the big commercial buildings and offices even if theres people there and just see how far i can get.

3e7f5 No.3971

File: 1674968834543.jpg (92.96 KB, 661x1019, 661:1019, f6e9417379b73debaa1fa5e852….jpg)

cool blog.
>The person that visits me in the astral realm sits meditating thousands of years in the future.
this part reminds me of a book i was listening to on youtube called The Night Land by William Hope Hodgson. it was very uplifting to me during a time when i was feeling bad. here is a link for anyone interested. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i4eNRcXbYpk

ef326 No.3972

ill check it out :)

e7f9f No.3973

Poor kitty, what happened to him…

I'm reading this 16 hours later because I usually check this place twice a day. I like building models, that's kind of my main hobby. I haven't gotten any recently because I bought a very expensive one for myself for my graduation, but it turned out really cool so I don't mind one bit.

ef326 No.3976

cool what kind of models? like trains?

File: 1674026662645.jpg (1.66 MB, 3088x3088, 1:1, 20230115_134233.jpg)

0b403 No.3903[Reply]

Me irl
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30be7 No.3926

my old house. i dont live there anymore

942ac No.3927

dude are you genuinely schizo? i am not asking this to be funny

30be7 No.3928

i mean…. probably….but i dont think so i think i have powers.

66e2b No.3952

What powers do you have?

30be7 No.3953

i can see into other dimentions and possible timelines, sometimes i can see around walls and far away, and communicate w spirits and people from other planets.

File: 1673944786658.jpg (5.68 KB, 202x250, 101:125, kitty.jpg)

ecc6f No.3896[Reply]

Hi, I just found this place and it seems comfy and nice, so ima stay. Im really glad it didn't get shut down.
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2d2a8 No.3915

They can change both color and texture. Like those 8 armed under water chameleons.

f3fa1 No.3917

I like it when they are crispy. Those feathered chameleons taste great like that.
Where does it's optical illusion powers end though…?

2d2a8 No.3919

>Where does it's optical illusion powers end though…?
No mortal knows…

d1db3 No.3920

good thing i'm immortal

f3fa1 No.3921

Then answer the question!

3e640 No.3876[Reply]

The last

2d6df No.3877


8b282 No.3890

Not even close

File: 1673119175842.jpg (1.49 MB, 1779x1971, 593:657, lainwithcat.jpg)

cfdba No.3885[Reply]

Dear Grimchan,
this is the first thread i ever created on you. I really hope that you're okay with it. If not - Just delete it. I think you're cool and I'm glad you survived your expiration date. That's all for now, I just wanted you to know that.
Sincerely yours,
a /kind/ friend.

fe0db No.3886

ay /kind/friend

the original /kind/ owner used to mod for here. you guys are always welcome. i mean, as long as it's still here kek. i'm dreading checking the bill date.

1c078 No.3888

>i'm dreading checking the bill date.
Please check so I know when to mourn thee.

4875e No.3889

We need to know.

File: 1671508421934.png (37.74 KB, 500x579, 500:579, sdadsa.png)

aef88 No.3858[Reply]

i wanna make the last post on grim cahn
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e3956 No.3872

No you won't

9aec6 No.3873

Incorrecto, friendo.

28dba No.3874

Bet this won't get archived.

55ff3 No.3875

>i wanna make the last post on grim cahn
wtf 00 seconds and it's still here

0913e No.3884

You've been HAD you fools

File: 1672334959789.jpg (29.85 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 1672168990919263.jpg)

daa6b No.3868[Reply]

never gonna dieeeeeeeee

3f8c3 No.3869

Already dead

File: 1671900339712.png (346.03 KB, 489x619, 489:619, ClipboardImage.png)

27f63 No.3860[Reply]

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

b7ac0 No.3861


b048e No.3862

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!! I'll see you guys on Wirechan and /kind/.

27f63 No.3864

Didn't kind remove us and wire from their links page after the ownership change

b048e No.3865

Yes, but I'm still here.

b7ac0 No.3866

Instead of watching the ball drop or whatever, this year I'll watch the grimchan.net domain die to bring in the new year

File: 1667061926601.jpg (855.72 KB, 3025x1961, 3025:1961, 1663971225126911.jpg)

96c43 No.3837[Reply]


As the name foretolds, things are looking grim.

Sad to see this little corner of the internet dying.

I'll miss you all.
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0016e No.3846


god bless grimchan

0110b No.3847

i heard about this place a few years ago, but i never actually got around to visiting until now when it's the witching hour and i thought "wait, didn't i hear about an imageboard i could go to?"

sorry i couldn't've been here during the golden or silver era, but i'll do my best to stick around for the end, try and meet others, see if i can maybe get a few of my friends to venture here before the end too.


13a9e No.3848


46bc6 No.3854

I'll see you guys on Dreamchan and late.city.

c760c No.3857

hoi hoi turn it into a textboard or a single board site of some sort. The theme is cute at least.

File: 1632558612682.png (625.74 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1619996247299.png)

18732 No.3405[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

I hate stupid and lame people. Everyone should be awesome and genius like me.
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1a0e3 No.3584

put a rack of ribs and some burgers on there
u ok with little caesar's?

d3e6a No.3585

>u ok with little caesar's?
No way, dude. You'll have to get me at least 3 hot n readys.

e4275 No.3592

Just how fat are you??

71e11 No.3593

I weigh 135lbs… I just like pizza dude.

e8103 No.3849

i am awesome and women love me

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